I confess I had forgotten about the Blog Awards thingy.

I had no idea that the finalists would be announced last night, and the first I heard of it was an email from one of the other finalists [bung me a €50 spot and I won’t mention your name] threatening to kidnap Herself if I didn’t withdraw immediately.

Of course some opportunities are just too good to miss so I shall not be withdrawing.

I don’t kid myself that I got into the finals on merit.  I know damn well that they just feel sorry for the sad old tosser up the mountains, so they stick me in the finals with no intention of letting me get any further.  Leastwise that’s what has happened for the last few years.

I don’t mind.

Not in the least.

I’ll just stich another Finalist badge on the side and carry on.  I bear no grudges.

I see the voting is still going strong for the Best Blog Post though.  I forgot to write a wee reminder last week and promptly got a couple of hundred votes, so there is a lesson there somewhere.  Consider yourselves not reminded again this week.

One or two people have also asked if I shall be attending on the night.

That’s a good question.

It’s quite a distance from south Wicklow up to Kildare and the pension at the moment won’t stretch to an overnight.  And I bet the do is being held in one of those fucking places that doesn’t allow smoking.  Also it clashes with one of the knockout rounds of the local darts, and the team relies on my expertise.

I have to think about it.

In the meantime, to the person who is threatening to kidnap Herself…….

I shall probably be down the pub tonight.

The front door key is under the flowerpot on the windowsill.

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Finally the Blog Awards — 10 Comments

  1. Hmm, thanks for NOT reminding me. I have, of course, NOT responded and have NOT voted accordingly. * cough * And, hey! That’s what ‘friendship’ is all about 😉

  2. WTF is it with me and HTML horrors! I’ll try again ….
    Hmm, thanks for NOT reminding me. I have, of course, NOT responded and have NOT voted accordingly. * cough * And, hey! That’s what ‘friendship’ is all about 

  3. Lol I did not threaten to kidnap myself 😉 Oh and I’m not voting for you. You got into enough bloody final categories without getting into another one….and don’t get me started on pensioners, sure we all know they are loaded 😉

  4. Val – That was another email!  Mind you, by saying that, I am narrowing the list of suspects.  And we all know that quantity does not mean quality?

  5. Well, well, congratualtions.

    So far I have voted for you every week both from the office and from my personal laptop.
    I’ve also voted for you from the UK (twice), from Ireland and on Saturday from Paris.

    But, I am not interested in your auld wan thanks.     

  6. Mossy – Thank you, kind sir.  That’s an awful lot of trouble and travel just to add a couple of votes, but I appreciate it.  

    But, I am not interested in your auld wan thanks”  You’ve met her then?

  7. Well I did not ravel to vote you know. Just happened to be away on a few trips (business and pleasure) and dropped in to read the daily blog and vote at he same time.
    Need to keep my eye on you you know!!
    And no, I have not met your dear lady but your description of her in a few postings is enough to paint a not too pretty picture.
    I’m sure she loves you though.

  8. Mossy – Thanks for spoiling my illusions.  So I am a mere incidental, huh?  And you leave my missus alone.  She’s a fine lump of a woman.

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