I would like to tell you about ASH.

No.  I’m not talking about that mob of self-righteous, hypocritical, money-grubbing bastards whose sole purpose in life is to hate the smoker.

I’m talking about the other end of the spectrum.

Not too far from here there is a farm.  It is a fairly typical farm with a house surrounded by barns and sheds.  Unlike most other farms though, it is packed to the rafters with domestic animals.  There are dogs everywhere.  There are dogs in the barns, in the sheds and in every single room in the farmhouse.  There are also pigs, donkeys, rabbits, cats and a beautiful fox.

You see, this is ASH Animal Rescue, run by Remi and Helena.

Remi and Helena take in stray animals and treat them as family members.  Naturally they can’t keep all of them as we are talking of over a hundred animals, so they do their upmost to find loving homes who can adopt.

At ASH, the animal comes first.  All the animals are very well looked after and are nursed back to health, as some of them are in a pretty sorry state when they first arrive.  The dogs are neutered and vaccinated and are very well cared for.

The problem at ASH though is that they have a “no kill” policy.  If they can’t find a suitable home for an animal, they will look after it themselves as euthanasia is reserved as a very last resort for the tiny number who can’t be nursed back to health.

Once they find an adoptive family [and they are great at matching the right dog/cat to the right family] they visit the adoptive home just to ensure that it is right for the animal.  There is no point in rehousing a Great Dane into an apartment on the fifth floor?

The ASH farmhouse is a very happy place.  Remi and Helena are a lovely warm couple who have dedicated their lives to the project and the house itself is full to the brim with animals.  Their sitting room alone has about a dozen dogs, a couple of cats and a fox all draped around the furniture and every single animal looks happy and contented.

There is one big problem though.

All these animal need feeding and veterinary care and that comes at a price.  They get a grant from the gubmint which is more an insult than a grant.  €15,000 a year does not go very far.  As a result the whole enterprise is run by fundraising and voluntary donations.

In gratitude for finding us Penny, and as a mark of admiration for them, I have replaced my “Buy Grandad a pint” yoke on the sidebar with a direct link for donations to ASH.  The vast fortune I have made to date has already gone to ASH.  I hope the miniscule number of donors don’t mind?

So I’m not asking.  I am fucking telling.  Dig deep into your pockets and click on the doggie.  I am placing him here and he shall remain on the sidebar as well.

ASH Animal Rescue
Please give generously

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In praise of ASH — 12 Comments

  1. ASH Animal Rescue are great. I got my two dogs from them.
    Easy (or Izzy, depending on accent) and Rooney. Best little critters ever.

  2. My daughter works there as a part time volunteer.
    She often goes around vetting homes that have applied to take a dog to see if they are suitable (garden, people, other pets etc.)

  3. Daffy – I think I just wet myself!  I just played your video of Izzy playing with a squeaky toy and our Penny’s head damn near screwed off!  😀

    Mossy – Maybe I met her then?  Mind you, I have only been there a couple of times   Remi did the visit here.  He took one look at the place and sighed the one word – “perfect”!

  4. Daffy, Izzie has got greyhound/whippet in her as well, you can tell by her shape, mixed up with summit else as well, (dam those ruddy terriers, am sure they’ve got extendible back legs, or springs on their back paws, randy little sods).

    Grandad, I got our 2 dogs from the local greyhound rescue home, (http://tiagreyhounds.org ) the majority of the greyhounds there are bred in Ireland, used, abused and abandoned they have the same ethos as ASH, a “no kill” policy, so help out when I can.

    How much is a pint of Guinness now?


  5. Meltemian – But you already did!

    Jan M – I know greyhounds make great pets [I believe they are quite lazy at heart?!] and it is terrible the way they are discarded as soon as their racing days are over.  Our Penny may not be a greyhound but there definite similarities.  She looks like a cross between a Greyhound and a Jack Russell.  I’ll leave you to work out the logistics there?

    Price of a pint?  Around the four yoyo mark I think.  The pub here runs a slate so I just bang in a cheque at the end of the month.

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