SUVs in disguise — 9 Comments

  1. Limerick city, the Dock road, between two and three in the afternoon at the height of the bubble, it was an ocean of SUV’s lined up one behind the other. You only see the odd one now. Nothing more annoying than being stuck behind an SUV or to catch a glimpse one as it roared past you taking your wing mirror as a souvenir. 

  2. i drive a smart car, you just discribed my daily commute..god forbid wee car get ahead of a truck or suv, their manhood would drop off.

  3. JDG – This area used to be thick with the damned things roo, so I suppose it must have been countrywide?  I wonder where they have all gone?  Chicken coops?  Spare bedrooms?

    Cat – Be fair now – a Smart isn’t really a car.  Doesn’t it have a huge key you stick in the side to wind it up?

  4. I still drive an SUV.  It’s American made with a V8 motor and a HUGH carbon footprint.  Ha!

  5. i know it pushed 100 GALLONS per mile  (we were brought up imperial and switched to metric in my teens and you know you can’t tell a teen shit all)…and i have done over 120km per hour (that bit of metric i’m good with as mr police says i must pay attention or i’ll lose a big packet of money to him) so i’ll be sure to wave at you when i blow by =)) wee red rocket..big key and all

  6. Brianf – Fair play!  I trust you add lead and used sump oil to the fuel? 

    Cat – 100 gallons to the mile?  Holy fuck!  A tank gets better consumption than that.  In fact a fucking ocean going liner would get better mileage.  Ever think of changing it to something a little more economical? 

  7. Cat – Nah!  I’ll leave it as it is.  It looks better!

    tt – Just because I allowed short comments…………………………

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