In praise of ASH — 12 Comments

  1. Brianf – Heh!  Likewise.  It caused quite a stir over here.  I still have it somewhere.

  2. ASH Animal Rescue are great. I got my two dogs from them.
    Easy (or Izzy, depending on accent) and Rooney. Best little critters ever.

  3. My daughter works there as a part time volunteer.
    She often goes around vetting homes that have applied to take a dog to see if they are suitable (garden, people, other pets etc.)

  4. Daffy – I think I just wet myself!  I just played your video of Izzy playing with a squeaky toy and our Penny’s head damn near screwed off!  😀

    Mossy – Maybe I met her then?  Mind you, I have only been there a couple of times   Remi did the visit here.  He took one look at the place and sighed the one word – “perfect”!

  5. Daffy, Izzie has got greyhound/whippet in her as well, you can tell by her shape, mixed up with summit else as well, (dam those ruddy terriers, am sure they’ve got extendible back legs, or springs on their back paws, randy little sods).

    Grandad, I got our 2 dogs from the local greyhound rescue home, ( ) the majority of the greyhounds there are bred in Ireland, used, abused and abandoned they have the same ethos as ASH, a “no kill” policy, so help out when I can.

    How much is a pint of Guinness now?


  6. Meltemian – But you already did!

    Jan M – I know greyhounds make great pets [I believe they are quite lazy at heart?!] and it is terrible the way they are discarded as soon as their racing days are over.  Our Penny may not be a greyhound but there definite similarities.  She looks like a cross between a Greyhound and a Jack Russell.  I’ll leave you to work out the logistics there?

    Price of a pint?  Around the four yoyo mark I think.  The pub here runs a slate so I just bang in a cheque at the end of the month.

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