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  1. So the survey asked over 65s if they would rather be called senile degenerates, or something else, and 97% chose the latter. Some (probably 2) liked the term Grey Panther, so therefore… lets write a newspaper article about nothing, and title it with “senile degenerates prefer to be called Grey Panthers.” This is quality journalism. 

  2. Grey panthers? Who the bloody hell came up with infantile tripe like that? Sounds like the cadet corps of the militant Black Power movement from the sixties. Grey fucking panthers indeed.
    My daughters get round all that silliness by referring to me as an ‘old git’. But then, I’m not one of the professionally offended.

  3. GammaG – They must have actually given a list for preferences.  I refuse to believe that people independently came up with Grey Panthers.  It’s a bit like the old Colgate ad – Nine out of ten dentists recommend Colgate, where the alternative was probably carbolic acid.

    Nisakiman – A cross between Black Panthers and Pink Panthers?  My daughter usually refers to me as Him or The Old Fart.  That’s why I disinherited her.  Heh!

  4. The only fact that can be obtained from a survey is that someone has filled it in (as opposed to the person conducting it!).  Quite a few years ago (before I became a senile old git, as my wife lovingly refers to me) I worked in central London and was forever being stopped by young people, usually the same ones, carrying out surveys of one kind or another.  I used to triple my income, quadruple the number of times I went abroad on holiday or business and gave my profession as ‘independent film producer’.  This usually elicted more (none survey) questions.  When asked to give more information I said I made ‘extreme adult’ films, would then step back and look at the person and ask if they had considered a career in show business?  For some reason they stopped asking me questions, apart from one swivel-hipped young man who asked if I ever made any all-male films.  I just couldn’t get rid of the sod!  Now, I just say that I don’t do surveys.

  5. Dentists make their living out of fixing mouldy teeth, so it always struck me as odd that they would recommend a product that takes away their revenue.

  6. Is this perhaps the male equivalent of what has become a popular phrase for desirable middle aged women – Cougars?

  7. ffs first i get called a cougar now i’m a panther? piss off, if i need to be named in the feline catagory call me by my name, cat!

  8. Worked in a zoo years ago – ageing big cats (including panthers) are for, the most part, intemperate foul-breathed bastards with distressing urinary habits and an ability to upset just about everyone. There are some unkind souls who would be tempted to say that this describes me to a tee .. 🙂

  9. GammaG – By the same virtue, why are doctors so fucking keen for us to lead healthy lifestyles?

    Mossy – Forgive my innocence, but I haven’t heard that one before.  Aren’t the Cougars a Merkan football team or something?

    tt – I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW!  Fuck!  I’m going to have nightmares tonight.

    John – Probably.  I don’t know any so I can’t ask.

    Cat – Yes, Cat.  [I’m tempted to make some lewd and utterly tasteless joke about pussies but I will refrain.]

    Caratacus – Damn, but it is a pretty accurate description.  I know the upsetting part applies to me but I’m not too sure about the others.

  10. Pensievat – Welcome, and my apologies for overlooking you lurking in the moderation area [the light is very bad in there].  I would have thought that calling yourself an “‘independent film producer’” would have drawn the weirdos on you all right.  Bad choice.  Triple your income all right but claim you work down the sewers!

    GammaG – More fool them.  Nature takes care of all ills.  Eventually.


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