I accidentally clicked on a link this morning and it brought me into my Twitter thing.

Most of you will know by now that I find Twitter to be utterly confusing and as frustrating as to trying to write a novel on one of those little yellow sticky notelet things.

People say that part of the fun is trying to fit your message into 140 characters, but that’s like having a drinking contest where you are only allowed a thimbleful of whiskey.

Another problem I have with Twitter is that the only yoke I can use to Tweet on is a thing called Tweetdeck.  Now I use Linux, and Linux comes with a whole lot of different desktops, unlike Windows which only comes with one.  And for some reason I haven’t bothered fathoming, Tweetdeck only works on one of those desktops, and it ain’t the desktop I normally use.  So I don’t bother.

All that to one side though, as I discovered to my surprise that I have 520 people following me.  Over half a thousand people have decided to follow every little tweet, cheep and chirp that I utter.  Very fucking strange?  Especially when you consider that I only really use Twitter to announce when I have posted a new pearl of wisdom on this site?

Am I the Pied Piper of Tweetland?  I’ll leave you to ponder whether I am alluding to the rats or the children there.  Heh!

There are some little surprises in the list too.  I see Barack O’Bama hangs on my every word [even though he says he doesn’t], as does Brian Cowen, but I have my suspicions about that one.  Another very strange face in there is RTE Radio 1.  Am I the source of their news?  Or are they hoping to trap me in a libel case so they can recover some of the €200,000 they recently lost?  Strange.

The problem now is what I am supposed to do with all my disciples.  Am I meant to feed them?  Does anyone have a loan of a few of loaves and a couple of haddock?

Maybe I could start a new religion?

Or a new political party?

Leastwise, if you are one of my multitude, I proffer my cordial greetings.

If you’re not, then you don’t know what you’re missing!

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The Followship of the Twitter — 6 Comments

  1. Next you’ll be wanting to part the waters of The Irish Sea so our young ‘uns can escape the Mighty Austerity Lords.

    Or how about the GD Ten Commandments. Be careful though, it may end up in Crucifixion, 2,000 years of war, corruption, child abuse and abstinance. Heh!

    The only thing you are missing is an O between GD, Heh! 

  2. Slab – I never claimed to have god-like properties.  Yet……    Mind you, the ability to part the waters would save a fucking fortune in ferry fares.  And then there is the water into wine trick………   This has possibilities?

  3. Heh!  I stuck old Vlad the Vulture there as a joke, and as a counter to their cutsey ikkle bluebird. Seems like he’s doing the job!

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