The Followship of the Twitter — 6 Comments

  1. Next you’ll be wanting to part the waters of The Irish Sea so our young ‘uns can escape the Mighty Austerity Lords.

    Or how about the GD Ten Commandments. Be careful though, it may end up in Crucifixion, 2,000 years of war, corruption, child abuse and abstinance. Heh!

    The only thing you are missing is an O between GD, Heh! 

  2. Slab – I never claimed to have god-like properties.  Yet……    Mind you, the ability to part the waters would save a fucking fortune in ferry fares.  And then there is the water into wine trick………   This has possibilities?

  3. I like the “Follow Me On Twitter” badge to the right of this post. #irony

  4. Heh!  I stuck old Vlad the Vulture there as a joke, and as a counter to their cutsey ikkle bluebird. Seems like he’s doing the job!

  5. WTF is is a label case ?
    Was your label not to EU reg’s ?
    Or have you been hacked ?

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