I wrote this at the beginning of March.  Since then I have learned that the Irish Blog Awards 2012 are indeed in gestation and hope to be born on October the 13th.

They have a new website and of course one of those ubiquitous Facebook pages.


This is the time of year for that annual bun-fight – the Irish Blog Awards.

Sadly they don’t seem to exist this year.

Or maybe they are deliberately not telling me?

Since the start of the awards, they were organised by Damien Mulley and a grand job he did, but last year he announced he was stepping down from the plate and that the way was open for someone else to take over.

Of course, no one did.

I miss the awards.  They were a great opportunity to rip the rip the piss out of some of the other sites in Ireland.  Mind you, that little bit of fun would be more difficult these days as most of the feckers have died the death.  I have a little folder in my feed reader thingy called “The Morgue”, and it’s where I stick sites that haven’t updated in a while.  It is full of Irish sites, more’s the pity.

Another reason that I will miss them is that I can’t add to my little collection over on the side of this page —->

They make a nice little dash of colour to add to an otherwise colourful design.

I had a few prepared in advance, ranging from “Not even Fucking Nominated” up to “Grand Prix winner”, just in case.  I have deleted them now as it appears that they are a waste of space [like some other sites I could mention!  Heh!].

Maybe next year?

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Irish Blog Awards 2012 — 14 Comments

  1. It is a shame….not that I ever won anything but it was quite exciting to be nominated….I clearly need to get out more.

  2. Val – Indeed it is a shame.  Unfortunately I was only able to make it to two of the ceremonies [in Dublin and Cork] but they were a great chance to meet all the faces behind the pages.  It was a lot of fun and I will miss them.

  3. But the advantage is that one could have one’s own ceremony at which one awarded all of the awards to oneself – a bit like RTE and the IFTAs

  4. Ian – Not a bad idea at all!  I might even award you with one for coming up with the idea? 

    Ranty – Rock buns.  And it is funny.  You calling me a bastard?

    Cat – Not only are the awards defunct but there used to be an excellent couple of sites which aggregated Irish Blogs which are also now gone.  There is a new one – http://irishbloglog.com – but I can’t quite make out how it works!

  5. It’s probably why I like you lot so much – you take the piss out of everyone – I’ve enjoyed many a night in the company of some my Irish friends when they’ve started taking the piss out of each other.  Then, when you get personally sucked in to contributing, you realise it’s all a ruse – and you end up as the willing victim.  By then you’re so pissed on the dark stuff, Jamesons or Black Bush (usually a combination of all)  that you don’t give a shite (the latter term being a borrowed one). It’ll be a very sad day when you lot lose your wry sense of humour cause it’ll make the rest of the world a much sadder place.

  6. Ian – If he did then I did’;t throw it.  Honest.  I can provide an alibi if you provide the date.

    Cardi – Us?  Taking the piss?  Never!! We are as pure as the driven snow.  And if you have ever driven snow, you’ll how pure that is. 

    Slab – Thanks for that but there is no election.  And it never ceases to amaze me how you manage to find the least appropriate photographs.  Do you work for the Independent?

    tt – Indeed it is a shame.  There are still loads of web awards, but they are not the same.  Any old fucker can write a web site.

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