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  1. Does it really matter?  Heavy smoking over a long peroiod of time is very, very bad for your health. No question about that. If you don’t believe me ask your doctor. So I really don’t get where you keep going with this. Yes I agree they go overboard with the resrictions. But that’s all you get. If there’s a slim chance that your blog should be the tipping point to persuade any young kid to start smoking then you really should shurrup about it. What about your grandkids Grandad? You giving them ciggies yet?

  2. Holy fuck, I’m not reading all that, GD, I’m just not OK! I’m depressed enough already.

  3. tt – Are you seriously suggesting that some kid would be persuaded to take up smoking by anything I have said?  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I have never advocated smoking anywhere.  Incidentally, I have asked my doctor and he agreed that smoking [while hazardous] is not half as bad as some make it out to be.  A previous doctor said quite openly that he thought a low level of smoking [up to ten a day] could actually be beneficial. 

    As for whether it really matters – yes, it does matter.  It matters a lot to me that a million Irish are being victimised and demonised because of a lifestyle choice.  It matters to me that the government are trying to bully me into a way of life I do not wish to follow.  It matters to me that people are being victimised and being refused jobs and medical procedures because of a lifestyle choice.  It matters to me because they are seriously considering whether I should be allowed to smoke in my own car or not.  It matters to me bacause there is a move towards banning smoking in my own home.   It matters to me because from all the research I have done [and continue to do] the whole vendetta is based on lies and deceit.   So yes – it does fucking matter.

    As for whether I should shut up about it – “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”.  And the Anti smoking movement is evil in that it has caused more deaths and suffering than any “passive smoking” has ever done.

    As for the grandkids – that’s up to their parents.  I’m going to actively discourage them but ultimately it will be their choice, not mine nor any interfering government’s.


  4. Slab – Fair ‘nuf.  There is no legal obligation to read it, though doubtless that will be the subject of some EU dictat at some stage?

  5. Fuck it’s enough to make me start smoking, if only to piss tt off.
    I hear far too much of the word “choice” but it’s only a good choice if decreed by the PTB.
    When the supermarkets were in the ascendancy it was all in the interests of choice – now that the supermarket is the only place to buy food you have to buy what they choose to puit on their shelves, choice – my arse.

  6. Why not just give the smelly weed up, GD. You’ll save a fortune. You can stand on a M50 bridge at rush hour and breath free pollution in. You will also be able to have a rant, for a change, on the horrors of giving up. That’d be a larf.

    Have a read, a look, GD. You could, given the choice, be around for much longer to bore us to death (entertain) us. Its up to you.
    Tobacco Wars got me off the weed. To think the cunts in the smokes industry were making a fucking mug outta me, while I bought their shite and they thought of new ways to poison me annoyed me enough to say no more. So, I’ve been off them since 1999.
    Personally, I don’t give a flying fuck if people smoke or not, but it killed close family members, who indulged. That sharpens ones resolve.
    The Gubmint ain’t getting any smokes taxes outta me anymore either.

  8. Jan M, GD will be needing a Horsepital before I do. The Dockers and Nurfles there will have to sort out his eventual problems eventually, if he does’nt have to wait to long for a scratcher.

  9. Patrick – We are all perfectly free to choose what we like [provided of course that it has been passed by the Health Police].

    Filthy – Hah!  Touche!

    Slab – “Smelly weed”?  Obviously not a fan of nice aromatic pipe smoke then?  Why the hell should I give up something which I enjoy and that I find relaxing?  Granted I would save money but I could do that by giving up food and drink or buying any of life’s other little pleasures.  Which would you rather be?  Broke and happy or rich and miserable?

    Fair play for giving them up, but I wouldn’t be quite so chuffed if I were you – they are spreading their talons into food and drink now.  Soon, no one will be immune from The Righteous.

    Jan M – Heh!  Thanks.

    Slab – I cannot speak for the future, but to date, after forty years puffing the pipe I have never had one of these so called “smoking related diseases”.    What am I supposed to look out for?


  10. Having been off the smokes for so long and not remembering the desire to have one, I do still like the aroma of a good Cigar on the air. I would’nt smoke one though.
    Thing is though, you get used to the extra cash in the pocket and it gets absorbed into the everyday things. So, now I’m broke and miserable, but thats related to the Country’s Economic situation (aon sceal éile).
    GD, If you’re coffin’ a lot out of breath, can’t breath, wallet empty, no coins in the pocket, noticing tiny black holes (like rust on metal) appearing on your gob, hoof rot, barking at cats, drinking coke while eating menthos, to see where it all comes out, then its time for The Horsepital.

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