Time for some garlic — 21 Comments

  1. Ridiculous tax percentage!  Are your Tax Officials a load of vampires?

    (Actually don’t bother answering that, I’m sure they are in every sense of the word) 

  2. Cat – That garlic tax is a mystery.  No one seems to know why it is so very high.  Very weird.

    Meltemian – Yup!  You are leaving the door wide open for a series of cracks about blood suckers and the like.  For once, I will refrain.

  3. There’s always a rotten one but this leaves a nasty taste in the mouth. It certainly takes the pip. I wonder if he will appeel. What’s the import duty on oranges?

  4. He should have got the deliveries marked as ‘bulbs’ – that’s not lying and he wouldn’t have had to pay the garlic tax.

  5. “I hate to think what they would have done to him if he had committed a real crime” ..

    Or, worse still, a “Thought” crime …

  6. You’d think that something which is beneficial to our wellbeing would have a lower tax rate on it? It beggars belief

  7. Haddock – Quite.  We have reached a stage where virtually everything is illegal these days.

    InisEanna – That hadn’t occurred to me but you are bag on.  Fucking crazy world!!

  8. Its been said before, if you are going to rob someone, make it fucking big.
    “Owe the banks one million euro and they own you.”
    “Owe them one hundred million and you own them”,
    and you won’t serve a single day behind bars, unless they happen to sell drinks.

  9. If there were a scale of punishments to suit the crimes, starting with this one, then Seanie, Quinn, Drumm and all the rest of the Cunts should be hung drawn and quartered.

  10. I was pondering on whether the outrageously high import duty was because the garlic was coming in from the Far East ?

    And I wondered whether, or not the Revenue would be able to get away with imposing such levels if the garlic was coming in from say, Italy .. another EU country ? 

  11. I think that was the point, Haddock. Protecting the EU producers and markets while taxing the bejasus out of Countries outside the EU.
    Such a nice way to treat out ‘New friends’, The Chinese (210% import duties)

  12. Absolutely bananas – I dread to think what they’re taxed at!!!!!  He’s obviously not a politician or a banker – he’d have got away with anything and earned a bonus to boot!!!  The sentence is amockery.

  13. Cardi – Want to be even more astounded?  Two items on the news today: a man was convicted for raping his daughter for twelve years, and a woman was convicted for deliberately crushing and killing a man against a wall with a car.  What sentence did they each get?  Yup.  Six years.

  14. I was reading this the other day and honestly i was shocked. Sure what he did was merely “doing Business” in the old Ireland where every self respecting self employed Man was a hair above or under the “law”.  The only conclusion i can think of is that someone in high places had it out for him, there is no other logical explanation for such a severe sentence. It’s a fucking disgrace when you think of the absolute scum that have been in and out 20 times with a slap on the wrist, meanwhile they have traumatized/assaulted/raped countless ACTUAL victims, yet 6 yrs for them….NO, Let’s put a man that has 4 kids, runs a profitable business that pays taxes and employs people that pay taxes behind bars for six years….Wheres that gun?

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