How to make friends and influence people — 31 Comments

  1. Oh God – more liquid concrete to play with – think I’ll just apply mine and go out with Keiron for a supermarket extravaganza before I get the bus back to reality tomorrow!!
    Keep smiling Grandad – it keeps the wrinkles at bay – if you can find them in that beard of yours!!!!

  2. Why give them more traffic?

    I doubt there’s anyone on that site with a greater maturity than a 14 year old.

  3. @ Maxi – then they don’t need the liquid concrete or the advice? It’s all too girly for me!

  4. “oh and she only posts the responses that agree with her!”

    I posted a comment on there to show my Hale and Pace and own up to my evilness (with a link to which is a far better place for random chat 😉 I stated my defense in a friendly sort of way, y’know, to show it’s all just a bit of a laff… but I can’t find my comment this morning.

    I wonder where it went?

  5. @Kate:
    They wouldn’t take any advice offered, not that we’d expect them to.

    As for being too girly, it reeks of the popular girl syndrome in schools. Most of them will only follow the advice to seem more popular, and of course, attack the ones who don’t.

    Some of the smarter ones grow out of it, the rest of them run sites like that.

  6. I don’t mind a blog with one woman behind it – but with a bunch of them behind it? No thanks…

  7. @ Maxi Cane; I am geekwoman, avenger of airheads. With my bitchskills I hope to rid the world of bunny-girl logos and pink sparkly things. Burn in hell, Hello Kitty.

    @ B’dum B’dum B’dum; Why do things by halves? 😉

  8. i couldn’t even read the s**t….boring…Did you miss me? dang i thought you’d have been over to check out where i was by now. I’ve been studying to take that big.ole.licensure test so i’ll have to go to work, needless to say i’ve already put it off for another 2 weeks…seems the more i study the more i realize what i don’t know. anyway i’m due for my driveby tomorrow and they’ve already been sneaking in there 3 or 4 at a time…at least twice….too busy to be scared, but after your comment about reposting other peoples stuff I dunno…cause that is basically what my entire site is, albeit for the good of social workers…aaaccckkk!

  9. Prin – If you were gone, how come you are still half way up my Top Commentator list?

    BBB – They have won a lot of awards, including Best Group [Grope?] Blog at the IBA in March. I pipped them at the post for the Golden Spider last year and they went ballistic over it. 😉

  10. i guess that’s because i posted 2 comments this morning, cause when i looked(and i looked because i figured i was surely off by now) i was next to last…doesn’t take much to jump up the roster around here, heh? have a good one!

  11. TT – Each comment is individually parsed by a special programme, that checks for grammar, spelling, syntax and intelligence of content. It then draws the list based on quantity.

  12. I didn’t have the will to read down through the comments on the site. I’d rather shoot myself.

  13. Well, they got more comments on a single post than I get in a year (I have written a blog for four years and have mustered a grand total of 945 comments, slightly less than the diary of a traffic warden on the Skelligs), but I’m not sure how it counts as a blog. It looks more like the exchanges on a social networking site.

  14. Le Craic – It takes a strong stomach. I read through it once, and it has become a regular haunt of mine. It’s car crash blogging. I know I shouldn’t look, but it’s somehow compulsive.

    Kirk M – You obviously read more than one comment? I would have thought your Cold War training would have prepared you better….

    Ian – Do you want quantity or quality? I think you have one and they have the other. I’ll leave you to decide which is which.

  15. I’ve always had a strange sense for the macabre but that was a bit much though. I think it was more the pink that got me rather than the mindless natter even though it didn’t help matters none. I did don my old N.B.C. gear before I went spelunking though.

  16. I see they did a Link Lurve [their spelling, not mine] in their Linky Winks category today. Strangely, neither K8 nor myself appear. That is rather churlish of them after all the traffic we pushed their way?

  17. well you go ahead and savour 🙂 i have to say though that had they clicked the total 11 pages then god only knows what they would have said 🙂 my wounded self is going for another cup of jow before I go off in search of a whole new template 🙂

  18. If you have a very large group cant you win it easily?

    whats a golden spider?

  19. I think I am lost here- Grandad started a beauty blog and it sux or it has been critically acclaimed- I can’t figure out which it’s such a joy to read. I think I will pass on the regular reading of said blog, we have enough lame American beauty blogs and I really don’t want to end up looking like Grandad- I am only 36 you know.

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