The Sunday Times yesterday had a front page headline.

“Government plans to ban cheap booze”

I’d link to it but I can’t find an on-line version.  I did a search using the above words and got a mere 29 million results and I ain’t gonna plough through that lot.  It seems to be a popular concept?

So Róisín Shortarse, our Junior Health Minister, reckons she is going to solve Ireland’s “drinking problem” by raising prices?

You really have to admire these bozos for their consistency.  The answer to any problem is to raise prices.  And then they whinge about Ireland being uncompetitive? 

There was a repeated reference in the article to “slabs” of beer.  I presume this refers to those carry-out trays of Budweiser and the like that you see in supermarkets?  Now Budweiser is nothing short of unadulterated horses’ piss, and to charge people extra for drinking it seems a tad cruel.  Generally the only people who drink it anyway are the Skobies.  Seeing as they are all unemployed then it strikes me as a good idea to have them semi-inebriated at all times as it keeps them quiet.

By sheer coincidence [?] I see there is an article in today’s Irish Times –

MP advise two alcohol-free days a week

Ignoring the painful grammatical error of mixing the singular with the plural, my first thought here is that all the UK’s MPs must be qualified doctors.  Why else would they [or he?] be giving medical advice?  And are the Great Unwashed going to be so impressed with this that they will forgo their Tuesday and Thursday slots down the pub?  I doubt it.

I really am getting very tired of these wankers deciding what’s good for us and trying to manipulate us into their way of thinking.  I admit that alcohol consumption is a major problem BUT it is a small group that is causing that problem.  Why the flying fuck can’t they target that small group, if they are so fucking worried?  Why do the rest of us have to suffer from their little bright ideas?  There are tons of laws that already exist to deal with unruly drunkards so why the fuck can’t they use those?

I really am getting pissed off with the Righteous deciding what is good for us and trying to engineer our lives to fit their vision of the ideal world.

I wish they would all just go and fuck themselves sideways.

In the meantime, I’m off for my couple of afternoon pints.

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The Stepford Drinkers — 14 Comments

  1. Worse comes to worse and you feel compelled to abstain a couple days a week, never fear…I’ll pick up your slack over here.

    In fact, because the logistics of trying to coordinate our drinking would be onerous, I’ll just start having an extra 2 drinks a day to make sure I’ve got you covered.

    Indeed, I think i’ll have one of yours now. Sláinte

    Oh, and because I’m sure I missed it: Nollaig shona duit!

    ; ‘   )

  2. Piss off!  I’ll be drinking twice as much to make up for the poor brainless sods who think their gubmint knows best.  With regard to your Nollaig shona – don’t you think it’s a little bit early in the year for that?

  3. Nollaig shona – don’t you think it’s a little bit early in the year for that?

    Oh – that’s for the holidays just past; I know what a fan you are….

  4. “There are tons of laws that already exist to deal with unruly drunkards so why the fuck can’t they use those?” The problem there, GD is there are not enough Cops left to enforce. They recently got rid of the Drugs Phone Snitch Service. Life for The dealers is going to get easier.

    Like everything else in our land, the shotgun to kill the fly approach is always what the gobshites will use. We have loads of laws for the sake of looking good in Europe. 
    Anyone have a Dog licence? Don’t worry. There’s no one to penalise you.
    Too much speeding, drink/drug driving etc. No education from school level up and no proper Garda deterant/enforcement. Just hit it all with money making penalty points.

    If theres a problem with traffic, slap a few traffic lights on the road (‘cos that realy works, duh!)
    If the elderly are looking too plump after Christmas, tax the buggers.
    Aw! fukkit lets have another Bailout. Its all gone to fuck.

    I’m going to have the barrel of home brew beery winey stuff I made today.
    If you don’t hear from me here again, you’ll know it was like the shit The Indians get pissed on.

  5. Have they closed the Dail bar for these two selected days of the week? Like fuck they have. They tried coming up with a minimum pricing regime for alcohol and harmonisation across the EU on taxes on alcohol in which the Jesus crew were eagerly pushing for higher prices in order to restrain consumption among the monkeytribes. It fell apart and the EU solution was in the end after about eight years of arguing  to set minimum tax levels below the lowest tax levels charged anywhere in the EU-  a neat solution which allowed the gobshytes to come up with a result even though it was completely and utterly pointless.
    Otherwise on the issue of governments ‘setting’ prices for alcohol it is actually illegal to do that under international trade laws because it would mean the price was set by a cartel and would therefore contravene EU (and Global) Competition Law. So Ms Roisin is talking through her everloving hole and clearly has no idea that these suggestions have been researched and rejected for the above reasons a number of times over the years. She’s a muppet looking for a headline- and may well know that what sh e is suggesting is very unlikely to ever make it into law or policy. Never stopped a politician looking for media coverage yet, I agree. File under ‘ignore’.

  6. Slabbb . duh … donk – muznt ijack GD’s pusts e’lll git ungry nd tul uzz to pizz uff cuz ol is’l  make sens wen e gets back from is sessiun

  7. Kardigan, Dunt worrii. i tink, hic! grandydad iz stil pizt off bout Sharrin brakin it off wit im. heell bee alwite after a lload of drinx hic! shushhh case hez lizenin

  8. Fucking hell!!  I come back from the pub and find empty beer cans and puke all over the place.  Damned kids can’t hold their drink these days.

    Ms Roisin is talking through her everloving hole”  Brilliant!!

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