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  1. couldn’t agree more, never thought the euro was a good idea in the first place and now seems this is all impacting our canadian dollar and i seriously get a headache about it all

  2. Oh! me fuckin head. Stop the shouting GD. Sorry me and Cardi wrecked the gaff last night, just had to get it outta the system.
    Anyway, if you think the recession thing is getting tiresome, theres a shitload more to come.
    The economists (doom and gloom merchants) are saying the Govt should now be seeking another bail out in readiness for another failure of our economy.
    Taxing old, young, infirm, insane, inappropriate, injail, inbed, (sorry) people means fuck all at the end of the day. We (the serfs) are going to have to pay for all of this for generations.
    When is the Revolution? 100 years ago Ireland was brewing up to 1916. The treatment of the Irish over generations was getting ready to explode.
    Now we are looking at the resubjugation of generations of Irish People (our children) and we sit idly by.
    Did we learn nothing?
    There must be a better future for them, besides emigration, worth fighting for.

  3. On the news today that 69% of million $ corporations here in the U.S. pay no tax at all. Yet, working class American dickheads still vote Republican. It astounds me.

  4. Cat – Just remember that if your dollar survives it’s the Irish pensioners you have to thank.  [Food parcels gratefully accepted]

    Slab – Did you receive the invoice yet for all the cleaning I had to do?  I read that about the second bailout.  Just about anyone who knew the least bit about economics predicted it anyway.  We have reached the point where there isn’t enough cash in the economy.  Any cash we have is going to those cunts in Brussels.  No cash – no growth – no employment etc etc etc.  Fuck me but I’m glad I’m not just starting out in life!

    TT – That’s probably because they are over here getting very generous terms from our gubmint.  We have ’em all – Google, Microsoft, Intel and a shed load more.  Want ’em back?

  5. tt, In Ireland, Fianna Faíl (Republican Political Party) was voted into Govt three times. The most corrupt Govt in our history. They fucked the country up economically while they ripped us off. Even the dogs in the streets knew what was going on.
    It just proves one thing. Irish Sheep are bigger than American Sheep.

  6. Yep, GD. Will you take it in Groats, Shekles, Denari, Yen, Dong, or Yuan? I just don’t trust The Euro anymore. I also have a big jar of steel washers, shiny beads and round stones, any use? 

  7. I always thought that a “Troika” was a kind of horse-drawn sleigh ..

    In other words, an old baker’s tray pulled by donkeys ..

    Oh .. hang on a minute though …  😉

  8. Haddock – According to Wiki it’s also a now defunct computer game developer.  Makes sense?

    TT – This is one drop of media they ain’t getting their filthy hands on.  The Voice of Free Ireland.  Heh!

  9. Hey GD, stop moaning, u voted for all this crap, u got it wrong first time, voted No, d’uh, so you had to do it again, n got it right, ie Yes…. d’uh ??

    Anyways your maybe gonna get a vote again, mmmm, if your allowed, but for GS get it right this time, K. 

  10. Always knew when I was growing up that those annoying old men in the corners of bars at weddings who insisted in hooting rebel songs through their noses were full of shit. You could rape the Irish repeatedly it appears and they’ll just ask would you like extra spuds with your burger. At least I was right about the drunken patriots. Pass around the collection boxes in Boston- for gimp masks.

  11. Jan M – I can assure you I did not vote for all this crap.  Ever since Europe started moving away from a trading partnership towards a political thing, I have been 100% consistent in voting against them in every single election or referendum.  The only time they will ever get my ‘yes’ vote is when they ask if we want to leave.

    TT – Not against science, just against those who distort facts and figures for their own ends and who call themselves scientists.  And what has reinforced concrete got to do with anything?

    Con – Aha!  The old Five Pint Rebels?  As soon as they sobered up they were back with their mammies and taking the King’s Shilling. Spineless prats.

  12. Irish people get out on the streets dont take this crap if you accept it you are just a slave. I suppose I should keep my mouth closed not living there but has anyone got any balls in that country anymore? Happy as long as X factor Coronation street are on the telly I suppose.

  13. TT – “Not against science, just against those who distort facts and figures for their own ends and who call themselves scientists.”

    That’s what the Pope said about Galileo.

  14. TT – I am humbled and flattered.  Comparing me to the great Galileo is indeed an honour though I fear a little exaggerated.

  15. The illustration (a medallion?) accompanying this post indicates that ‘the people’ are consenting feminine partners to the voracious sexual appetite of government and the international financial system it consorts with.

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