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  1. Bugger!  That brought a tear to my eye, but I am resolute.  We did make a handsome couple though?

  2. My heartfelt condolences on your breakup. I know how much you felt for each other but as you say, the news is the news and your mental health is more important. Fetching knees and secret smiles are nothing compared with having to dose up on anti-depressants from ingesting what passes for news these days. Even if it’s put forth by a lovely blond with fetching knees and secret smiles.

  3. you’re a hard man GD dumping the poor wee lass like that. I do understand though. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. My ex ran off, on the rebound, to marry the French President.

  4. I’ll tell you a secret to handling the 24 hr misery fest that came between you and the beauteous Sharon, Groandad. Just remember that this is all short-term stuff. For much of your life there was a date to look at such as the year 2,000 and to ponder which kept the day to day crap in perspective. Pick a date such as the year 5,000 and bear in mind that the crap we see today will long have crumbled into nothingness by then. Give the girl a ring Groandad and tell her that the day to day crap may have intruded briefly on your relationship but that your love for her which is as permanent as the universe itself is also as tumescent as the very eternity of time and space. She’ll fall for it. They always do. And then there’s the making up bit. Heh.

  5. Kirk M – Thank you for your understanding.  Indeed it is a hard time for the two of us and I imagine it will get harder if I occasionally see her in the future….

    Slab – I hate to say this but jealousy is a nasty animal.  Unfortunately Eileen has a similar disadvantage to Sharon and would have to quit her job if she fancied her chances with me.

    TT – Indeed you sound like a fellow sufferer.  I hope for your sake though that Sarkozy never has a DNA test done on the babby?

  6. Con – You ended up in my ‘pending’ tray for some reason, but never mind..  You got here in the end.  It is true that it is all short term stuff and most items are dead withing 24 hours [mainly the murders?] but there is so fucking much of it.  You are making my life very difficult for me, if I can be honest.  I had decided that a clean break was for the best but now my resolve is wavering, and that is not a pretty sight.

  7. Peacock – How can you be so frivolous at such a traumatic time?  Mind you, I’d like to see a race between the Chinese and the Poles.  The latter built most of our motorways during “the good times”.

  8. Call me sin eye cull if you like but I’m afraid I don’t buy this story! Methinks that this s a very clever spin to throw us all off the scent! She doesn’t be reading the news all the time does she? Me also thinks that you have been hit by the old thunderbolt too good and proper to dump her.

    “You cannot say ‘no’ to the people you love, not often. That’s the secret. And then when you do, it has to sound like a ‘yes’. Or you have to make them say ‘no.’ You have to take time and trouble.”
    – Mario Puzo  The Godfather

  9. @tt.
    Laughing out loud in here, went away to merry Nicola Sarkuzi, you`re a funny guy.
    Regarding you sir, she will be forgotten, and you will move to your next item, I`m positive about that, it just takes time.

  10. She does have a definite look of… surprise in Gammagoblin’s pic.
    She’s finding it hard to cope with. You know that time on the news when she looks down at her scripts? They’re not scripts – they’re copies of that picture.

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