Return of the Prodigal

I’m back.

I suppose that’s news to you lot as you never noticed I was gone in the first place.


It’s a long story, but basically our host and landlord decided to move house. Of course he went and took the Interweb with him.

The bugger!

I had to track him down and kidnap his missus.

Big mistake.

He said that he was happy to keep the Interweb, and wished me luck with the missus.


In fairness to him, he took pity on me and moved back to his old house.

Fucking Interweb still doesn’t work properly. I have to sit outside the front door or it keeps breaking.

Life’s a bugger sometimes.


Return of the Prodigal — 5 Comments

  1. Glad you made it back GD. I was afraid you might be off somewhere enjoying yourself too much.
    I think TT was trying a Coup d’etat in your absence. Some sort of chicken dish I guess.

  2. Between Cat and Slab I don’t know where you are at this minute. Cat’s telling you to go home and Slab seems to think you are home. It’s the opening phrase ‘ I’m back ‘ that’s causing all the confusion. I’m pretty sure I recall you saying that you’d be home, as in your own hovel a week from now so I’m putting my money on ‘Cat ‘.

  3. Cat – There is more to life than the Interweb.  I think?  Maybe not…….

    Slab – TT doesn’t stand a chance against a professional. 

    Paulo1 – I’m still here in the sun, but only just.  I suppose I will have to start packing tomorrow as we hit the road on Saturday morning.

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