Return of the Prodigal — 5 Comments

  1. Glad you made it back GD. I was afraid you might be off somewhere enjoying yourself too much.
    I think TT was trying a Coup d’etat in your absence. Some sort of chicken dish I guess.

  2. Between Cat and Slab I don’t know where you are at this minute. Cat’s telling you to go home and Slab seems to think you are home. It’s the opening phrase ‘ I’m back ‘ that’s causing all the confusion. I’m pretty sure I recall you saying that you’d be home, as in your own hovel a week from now so I’m putting my money on ‘Cat ‘.

  3. Cat – There is more to life than the Interweb.  I think?  Maybe not…….

    Slab – TT doesn’t stand a chance against a professional. 

    Paulo1 – I’m still here in the sun, but only just.  I suppose I will have to start packing tomorrow as we hit the road on Saturday morning.

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