I came across a wee article yesterday about air pollution in Dublin.

Of course the very first sentence had to contain those ubiquitous words “according to a report”.  The majority of articles I read seem to contain “according to a report” or “research has shown” or “recent studies”.  In other words, some people with too much time on their hands are trying to justify their pathetic existence.

What struck me about the article is the terminology, or rather the lack of it.

Traffic pollution is a proven hazard.  It is full of carcinogens and toxic materials and before the advent of the catalytic converter, was a favourite means of suicide.  Measured levels at the roadside are frequently above the maximum recommended dose, which is more that can ever be said about cigarette or pipe smoke.

Yet in all the waffle, there was no mention of carcinogens.  There was no mention of protecting our children.  There wasn’t a single buzz-word so favoured by the health fanatics.  Why?

If the Nanny State is so determined to save us from ourselves, then why aren’t they calling for an immediate and total ban on the internal combustion engine?  It is costing the state a vast fortune in road construction, fuel, infrastructure, deaths and the cost to the health service alone must be staggering.  Yet there is no mention of banning it.  They were quick enough to ban smoking which not only cost the state nothing, but actually contributed to the coffers, and has no deleterious effect on others apart from causing a smell which they don’t like.

I am not for a moment suggesting that the internal combustion engine should be banned.  The idea is patently ridiculous, yet I can’t help but wonder at the double standards.

I think there is a lot more than just traffic fumes in the air.

I think there is also a considerable stench of hypocrisy.

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Banning the car for the sake of our health — 4 Comments

  1. They don’t wish to ban it. They want to control it. There is too much tax income from vehicles and fuel and too much money to hand out for roads and other construction.

  2. Its the same everywhere – if they really wanted things to change the governments would install affordable and dependable public transport – which they might have in Dublin (I haven’t been for a while) this would lessen the traffic fumes!!!
    .-= Kate´s last brainfart .. Singapore – the beginning…. =-.

  3. I think the bottom line is who has the biggest influence.  In the car-wars, the motor and petrol industries have the biggest say, and in the tobacco wars it seem to be the pharmecuticals.  Basically, the government doesn’t give a flying fuck about our health.

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