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  1. I was just going to offer you valuable SatNav downloading advice, but had to answer the phone to someone babbling on about ‘cut price gas or electricity or some such thing’ – and have now forgotton what the advice was…. Suddenly seem to know a lot about the latest in ‘combi-water heaters’ though – is that any use to you GD?
    .-= Geri Atric´s last brainfart .. GOING DUTCH IN IRELAND! =-.

  2. Thank you for your kind offer, Geri but I don’t use combi-water.  Mine is ordinary water fresh from the uplands, and I heat it in the normal way.  I was going to say something to you about tha SatNav, but I can’t remember what it was…..

  3. SAT – Shit At Times; NAV – Not Always Valuable – especially when it takes you through half a dozen farmyards to get to Cardigan from 60 miles away. Heaven knows what it does in Dublin – probably the most traffic – God – Forsaken City next to London – I try to make a point of not driving in either. Having said that – Tom has a better angle on cock ups than Navteq – at least Tom takes post codes!!!!!!!

    What did we do without sat nav, mobiles …

  4. Why do people who are up to their oxters in technology always seem to complaining about how complicated it all is ? Either step back and take a course in what’s bothering you so we don’t have to listen to your whining any more or go find your fountain pen and your writing paper and write a letter to a friend you’ve lost track of and tell them how much you miss them.

  5. Cardi – Feel free to rant any time.  You have no idea what even the perifieries of Dublin are like.  I refuse to go near the central parts of the city – they have changed everything around so I don’t know what road goes where now.  And on top of that, they have stuck fucking trains on the streets too.  Nightmare!

    Paulo – I don’t think they do courses in updating SatNavs, do they?  And the modern youth wouldn’t know what to do with a letter if it arrived.  As for old friends – I never lose track of ’em.  That’s why they are old friends.

  6. Grandad ..

    I hope you get a reasonably coherent response to your email ..

    If you don’t .. or aren’t satisfied with the answers .. I have a postal address for Tom-Tom in the Netherlands ..

    If you’d like it .. just holler ..

    Cheers ..

  7. Dublin? why go there? I’ve been twice in 5 years – both times to funerals. Now I was bread and buttered up there, but that’s not Dublin. It’s a kip like so many other cities. A kip. I can’t find my way around there either. A rozzer stopped me on Stephen’s Green – didn’t believe that I hadn’t been to the big smoke in about 20 years.

    Keep the satnav for France. Let Dublin fester.

    This internet is enough communication with An Lar for me.
    .-= kerryview´s last brainfart .. Even the BNP cannot spell =-.

  8. I like Dub as a city but you have to laugh at the pomposity of it. It isn’t a big city by European standards but the amount of guff expended on it you’d think it was Rome.

    Any more on the spendlid idea for an underground system?

    Heh. I wonder which developer whispered that wheeze into a Government ear over drinks at the Merrion.

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