I feel curiously ill at ease today.

This morning, I dropped the car down to Spanner for its two-yearly service.  I didn’t actually drop it, but you know what I mean.

So now I am stuck in the Manor for the day.

I had no intentions of going anywhere today, so why am I edgy?  If I want anything from the village, I can walk.  If I want to go any further, I can always phone our K8.  I know she will drive me anywhere I want [if she doesn’t want me to publish her diaries from her teen years, that is].

I get the car serviced every couple of years.  It doesn’t really need it this time, but it’s better to be safe.  I also need a wing mirror replaced.  It was broken by a little bastard on a push-bike when he insisted on cycling too near my car.  I’m going to sue the little fucker once he gets out of hospital.

It is a curious feeling, that I can’t just hop into the car and drive to Cavan.  Why the hell I should want to drive to Cavan, I don’t know, but I can’t do it now, anyway.

I did ask Spanner if he had a Courtesy Car I could use.  After he finished laughing, he said he’d do me the courtesy of not repeating that down in the pub.

So I am stuck here for the day.  Maybe I’m stuck here longer, if Spanner can’t find a spare mirror off one of the wrecks in the sand pit.

If Brian ‘the Fucker’ Cowan wants my advice on urgent matters of state, he is going to have to come here for a change.


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  1. King Bob – I have absolutely no idea. But the fact is that I can’t, even if I wanted to. Which I don’t. I suppose it is on the way to Sligo and Donegal?

  2. Surely the upside is not going to Cavan. Not that I can talk – what are my choices? If I had the energy I’d offer to bring you to the office. On second thoughts….

  3. Sneezy – Why? Why on earth would a tourist go to Cavan?

    Kerryview – A daytrip to your ‘office’ sounds like a great idea. Cancel your second thoughts.

  4. Just play your favourite music real loud and try not to think about the bill – that will almost certainly be extortionate for ‘kicking the tyres and dipping the oil’ not to mention the wing mirror!!!! Does it show I have worked in the motor trade for the last 21 years?

  5. Kate, he is a saint – look at the miracle of the single quote generating so many hits. Very similar to the loaves and fishes, I’d say. St Bernard a bit of a low brow saint, however. St James of the Gate a more impressive fellow.

  6. And there was I thinking you had to have passed on before achieving this – obviously one of the new techno saints!!!!! Bring back Saint Christopher I need all the help I can get!

  7. I humbly suggest your daily (at least once daily) quote (comment, if you will) which inspires many others to comment. From one comment, many. A miracle. Anyway, it’s now time to clock in at d’office. Till tomorrow, oh beatified one.

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