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  1. I really like the names you used for them. And I hope your script works.

    Apparently turkish low life script-kiddos are extremely active nowadays. Strange.

  2. First off. I have an suv. But I find yaris drivers annoying. Second, was the hack actioned through opening an email? Third, as for Turkey, I will visit the country when they give civil rights to the Kurds. Fourth, I have added Jack &Jill link as well as the Bubble Gum Club. Now I’m off. Committee meeting at 4.

  3. Good on ye!

    We experienced a horrendously invasive hack a few weeks back where the hacker somehow managed to corrupt a load of essential binaries on our system (the system wouldn’t even reboot after a while) so we had no way of fixing the hack except to re-install the entire system and re-install 7 years of data and customisation, all in 4 days with the clients screaming at us. I did a 36-hour straight job myself, just rebuilding the system and starting off the data recovery.

    I would personally love to find that hacker and sit him down for a long chat. I still wake in a panic. My boss was in an even worse state and almost had a heart-attack when there was a network glitch a week later (thought it was happening again).

    And we had a few charities on our server as well.

  4. Jedrzej – I hope my script works. It will hopefully do more damage than he did. 😈

    Kerryview – So, you are an SUV owner? Hmmmm. I have to think about that.
    No. It was a straightforward hack on a web server. He managed to get in and corrupt the database, overriding everything so that only he had access.
    Why would you want to visit Turkey? Surely it is only earthquakes and terrorists?
    Good on ya with the link. Thanks!

    Kae – Welcome! Fortunately this was a simple attack, so restoring the database was simple enough. The only hard bit was a) making sure he couldn’t get back in, and b) making sure he regretted it if he tried!
    Why do you want to talk to him? It’s unlikely he has evolved sufficiently for speech? I suppose, I would have a chat with him myself. Then I would remove his head and stick it up his arse.

  5. Well that guy sure was a downright bastard with no morals :angry:
    Hopefully we will be able to see the effect of your punishment soon.

    On the subject of hacks and backups, think I’ll go back up the entire contents of my web hosting account right now * opens up FTP *

  6. Just finished clearing my PC of xp antivirus 2008 a really disgusting infection, Why do people make these things?

  7. There are some strange people on this earth – if they’re clever enough to do all that damage – then why don’t they just get a job in IT?

    All good programmers are capable of hacking but they know not to – (unless its to destroy ‘lowlife’) at least when they get together to try to hack each others programmes it is for a good reason – to keep the lowlife out!!!

  8. TheChrisD – There are some things and people on this earth that are beyond contempt. Only for the fact that I was in good mood this morning, Turkey would have received a present of one of my eBay ICBMs.

    Roy – I don’t know where it came from, but I found a virus on mine the other day. Luckily it didn’t do any damage, as I cut all the wires inside my PC to prevent these things from spreading.

    Kate – I agree. If they are so damned smart, then they are capable of making a few bob out of it, instead of just driving us mad. I think we should get together and start hacking them!!

    Shane – Vice President? President? Leave it to me 😈

  9. Yep unforgivable alright. I hate cybervandals. I’ve been lucky so far thanks to a new firewall. Wouldn’t surprise the conspiracist in me at all if ex-hackers designed anti virus/phishing software!

  10. “Third, as for Turkey, I will visit the country when they give civil rights to the Kurds.”

    I was thinking England and USA are much better countries to go to. They have both civil rights to the boot and they don’t tend to go and invade countries. They also have no terrorists (!) and they are fully pro free-speech. Especially England has no history whatsoever of colonising, exploitation, and have no racism whatsoever.

    “Why would you want to visit Turkey? Surely it is only earthquakes and terrorists?”
    It is rightly so grandad. I was born there, and grew up there so I should know… Turkish people do like the Irish better than the English for some reason. We think that the Irish don’t trash our streets and pubs and disturb the general quiet of the coastal villages when they visit.

    Stupid kids can be found everywhere, stupid people can be found everywhere, no? I guess not. I am glad you have set up a script to do whatever it is that will do to the next Turkish terrorist that hacks a charity site, I hope it does more damage than that actually. I hope it shuts down the entire computer network of the fekking country of terrorists and eathquakes, and what was that again, dirty fuckers. That would be awesome service.

    I would like to also advise all those Irish and English, etc “foreign” people pouring money into Turkish economy by buying land, houses in the Mediterranean and Agean, because it is not only dirt cheap, but it is warm and a beautiful climate. Don’t do it, because your house will be burgled, the local villagers will either shoot you or rape your women, or they will hack into your website. Heed all warnings of others, they are truer than you know. I should know, I grew up there…

  11. I always wonder do sh!t countries like Turkey make a big deal out of their Eurovision wins like Ireland used to.

  12. All of the “shit” countries, as you put it in such an intellectually impressive and stimulating way, make a big deal out of their Eurovision wins. They also make a big deal out of entering or even more so winning then hosting a Eurovision; haven’t you seen the last one? Ireland is not a shit country anymore, thanks to Dustin. The mould is broken so every Irish person can be proud of this. 🙂
    To elaborate on the shit countries, they make a huge deal out of their little soccer wins, a single bronze medal in the olympics after 50 years, etc. Why? Because they are “shit” countries with nothing much else to be proud of…

  13. Attacking a charity site is shitty and the person(s) responsible should be brought to justice. Unfortunately there are people who will attack sites and other people they see as vulnerable.

    No excuse.

    I hope whatever you did, pisses all over their chips.

  14. I’m terribly sorry to hear about that, Grandad. C**t’s, they are!!! It is one thing to hack into a server for harmless fun, but to do it to a foundation that is trying to help people, is inexcusable! I was hacked a few months back by a bunch of Russian hackers! Bastards!

    @Gayé People give me hell about being from America, when I’m overseas. Do I get into fist fights over it? No! I’m a fecking human being. All of this extreme nationalism is making me sick! Be proud of where you are from, but don’t let people get under your skin because of that. Do you think there will be a welcoming party for me, when I return to Ireland in six weeks? Americans are not well received anywhere, regardless of how respectful we are of other cultures! Everyone hates us because of Bush! Lighten up and have a pint! 🙂

  15. I just can’t handle hypocrisy all that well JD… Don’t expect me to speak my mind when I see fit, like everyone else who are doing it. 🙂 Do you call what I say extreme nationalism? He he, ok I’ll get over it, you should, too darling JD.
    I can use sarcasm whenever I want. People can’t make a comment like “won’t go to Turkey until they give civil rights to Kurds” etc, and not expect another point of view! Kurds have civil rights alright, they are exercising these rights by random acts of terrorism wherever they want in Turkey… So let’s go invade countries because they are terrorists but let’s give civil rights to Kurds because they blow up people but it’s justified.

    Re. the hacker that GD is talking about, he would be a shithead, a low life, fact. But people start talking about stuff they hear on TV and don’t have a clue about, then it gets annoying.
    I am also very tired about the whole if you are a Muslim or live in a Muslim country you must be a terrorist stuff. I am not a Muslim, Christian, Jewish, I don’t really give a toss about religion either.
    And that’s all I have to say about this… You know, freedom of speech is such a valuable thing.
    G’day to all.

  16. Dear Gaye, I never said give civil rights to terrorists, I said to give it to Kurds, a people who cannot even name their children. You seem to imply that all Kurds are terrorists. I dont believe that all Turks are bad people – but the state of Turkey certainly has serious questions to answer – and not just about Kurds. Dare I mention the Armenian Genocide.
    Of course I may be a simpleton.

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