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  1. King Bob – I have absolutely no idea. But the fact is that I can’t, even if I wanted to. Which I don’t. I suppose it is on the way to Sligo and Donegal?

  2. Surely the upside is not going to Cavan. Not that I can talk – what are my choices? If I had the energy I’d offer to bring you to the office. On second thoughts….

  3. Sneezy – Why? Why on earth would a tourist go to Cavan?

    Kerryview – A daytrip to your ‘office’ sounds like a great idea. Cancel your second thoughts.

  4. Sit in the garden and work on your levitation skills. There is an image, a flying Grandad raining hairy vengence down upon the unwashed politicians of Ireland.

  5. Just play your favourite music real loud and try not to think about the bill – that will almost certainly be extortionate for ‘kicking the tyres and dipping the oil’ not to mention the wing mirror!!!! Does it show I have worked in the motor trade for the last 21 years?

  6. Kate – Spanner is a mountainy man like myself. We don’t sting each other. A few bob for the parts, a few pints and the job is oxo.

  7. Kate – I don’t remember what his real name is. Everyone around here calls him Spanner, just as they call me Grandad.

  8. Niall – No problem. I have it written inside my underpants. If you are interested, apparently it’s Saint Bernard.

  9. I will make no reference to dogs at this stage – just a small comment on your sainthood?
    How did you achieve this status?????

  10. Kate, he is a saint – look at the miracle of the single quote generating so many hits. Very similar to the loaves and fishes, I’d say. St Bernard a bit of a low brow saint, however. St James of the Gate a more impressive fellow.

  11. And there was I thinking you had to have passed on before achieving this – obviously one of the new techno saints!!!!! Bring back Saint Christopher I need all the help I can get!

  12. I humbly suggest your daily (at least once daily) quote (comment, if you will) which inspires many others to comment. From one comment, many. A miracle. Anyway, it’s now time to clock in at d’office. Till tomorrow, oh beatified one.

  13. Kerryview – You make it sound like the loaves and fishes! Hello? Kerryview? Oh. he’s gone.

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