I wandered over to Poodwaddle.

I know that sounds like some place in the Australian Outback, but it isn’t. It’s a weird site that has all sorts of clocks on it.

I went to the Age Calculator.

I put in my age, and then answered all 33 or 34 questions. I didn’t lie. I told the absolute truth. I even told the truth about my smoking.


Apparently, my Virtual Age [which is apparently the state of physical health of my body] is only 40.9. Sure I’m only a nipper!!

The other thing though, is that apparently my life expectancy is 94.1. I like the 0.1 – it means I can calculate to the month.

This means I have another 30 to 40 years to go [assuming Ron or the CIA don’t get me first].

Will my pension last that long?

Can you put up with me for that long?

Can I put up with me for that long?



As soon as I posted this they removed the clock out of Poodwaddle, for legal reasons.

They give an alternative site, so I took the test there.

That gives me a physical Age of 36.5 !!! I’ve just gained four and a half years 🙂

And my life expectancy has shot up to 99. Wow. I might get the telegram from the Pres yet…

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I have a way to go yet… — 11 Comments

  1. Putting up with you for that long shouldn’t be a problem provided of course that we live that long too.

    I took a wander over to that site but the age clock is gone because of some sort of patent dispute 😐

  2. Robert – That clock has been there for ages!! They chose the day I posted about it to take it down….

    I have amended my post and given another link, which gives me even longer.


  3. Doc – First thing you do is get out a 40 year loan………. 😉

    Bock – I don’t want to go too far back. Then I’d have to go back to school again. I could do without that.

  4. My health age is 10!! And I’m going to live until I’m 93!! I challenge anyone to beat that. I swear to god I was completely honest.

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