I have a way to go yet… — 11 Comments

  1. Putting up with you for that long shouldn’t be a problem provided of course that we live that long too.

    I took a wander over to that site but the age clock is gone because of some sort of patent dispute 😐

  2. Robert – That clock has been there for ages!! They chose the day I posted about it to take it down….

    I have amended my post and given another link, which gives me even longer.


  3. well, hell.

    according to that dang clock i’m to live until 105. which means i’ve only got 8 more years. balls.

  4. Doc – First thing you do is get out a 40 year loan………. 😉

    Bock – I don’t want to go too far back. Then I’d have to go back to school again. I could do without that.

  5. My health age is 10!! And I’m going to live until I’m 93!! I challenge anyone to beat that. I swear to god I was completely honest.

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