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  1. Right there with you Grandad.

    It depresses me that there is an industry to support these z-list, up-their-own-arse morons.

    Reality TV bound f*ckwits without and ounce of shame between them. If they could only stand back and take a long hard look at themselves and what they have accomplished, they would, if they had any sense of decency that is, take a hot bath with a cold razor.

    On the plus side for you though, that nice spam will get you lots of visitors looking for naked paris hilton pics. You’ve just made friends with google for that keyword combo.

    Pity you couldn’t shoot the web-tourists as well isn’t it?

  2. Would someone please enlighten me as to who this Victoria Beckham is and why I should give two turds about her?

  3. Jimbo – It did occur to me that I should shoot up in the rankings for Paris Hilton! Not a bad thing as it is one of the Interwebs top search terms. Sad!

    TomTom – You would? That is sad. You go way down in my estimation. She is nothing more that an old hairstyle.

    Brianf – She’s a nobody. She used to be a ‘singer’ with the Spice Girls [who were crap anyway] and she married David Beckham. He gets paid obscene amounts for kicking a football around. At least they have moved to America, so we hear less about them now..

  4. Your day will come Grandad! No long now until you’re on the cover of OK, or the RTE Guide. You’ll be on “I’m a celebrity, get me out of this ballroom dancing house” and we’ll be getting spam mentioning videos of you with Paris Hilton and Jenifer Aniston.

  5. 5h4mr0(k – Would you please fix your keyboard….?! Who the hell would want to know about my private life?????

    One thing about this post – I’m getting loads of pingbacks from sad little ‘Celebrity’ sites!! 🙂

  6. You are only half right about Victoria Beckham. You should have said that she is a failed singer married to a failed footballer!

  7. VB is all about brand awareness, that’s all, like much of the shite we are encouraged to buy on a daily basis she has no inherent value or reason for existence. She is a waste of space but because people know her and her vapid hubby she can maintain her position in the public eye and use that to market worthless tat to morons.

  8. 5h4mr0(k – Learn to type. Will ya?

    Robert – True. But he’s still being paid obscene money.

    ThriftCriminal – I think that about sums it up. But why do the morons fall for it? Are their lives that vacant?

  9. We are freed from the social mores of the past, no longer are we defined by class or job or age (Apparently we are still defined by David McWilliams though). This leaves us free to define ourselves. Those that lack a solid internal compass seek to do so in a scap-book manner, a little of the beckhams, just a dash of Sugar Babes etc and suddenly a new unique individual is born. That’s why I like hill walking, I define myself through putting one foot in front of the other. Repeat.

  10. No, Karen. The word is Senior. The last two letters are different. It has a slightly different meaning.

    I have no problem except for a lack of understanding of the fatuous infatuations of the brain-dead younger generations. I think that’s fair enough?

    Incidentally, do you think my name is Bud [it isn’t] or are you offering to buy me a drink? If the latter, don’t bother. Budweiser is horse’s piss.

  11. Grandad,

    Greetings from Windsor. They don’t do celebrity here, they do fame. I don’t think the owner is around today. One of her bands was making a jolly noise this morning though.

    I cope with being annoyed by celebrities by praying for them. People who need to have their entire lives aired in the media are seriously lacking in some way and are more to be pitied than despised. Ms Hilton is an especially sad case, as her recent prison term showed

  12. The worst thing about the afore mentioned Ms Hilton though, they very worst thing, she made overweight, past their sell by date, greasy haired, leeching off society types think that it’s okay to wear bright pink or yellow velvet tracksuits.

    It’s not. I don’t want to see a fat ass that would struggle to fit into a caravan never mind a tracksuit, walking down the road.

    Wanna feel good about yourself? take a walk through the AbbeyCentre (shopping centre just outside Belfast). A quick stroll through there and you’ll come out feeling like a model.

  13. Ian – If you are chatting to Liz, say hello from me. We’re old pals. [I shot Charlie in the arse the last time he was here, and Liz and I have been great friends ever since. Can’t say the same about Charlie].

    You are right about them needing pity. It must be terrible to have such shallow lives. The same goes for those who fawn over them.

    Jimbo – I agree. It’s strange how everyone seems to want to be like them. If I heard I was going to turn into David Beckham overnight, I’d top myself here and now…..

  14. They are all pointless people in the end and the more you pay attention to them the more ‘famous’ they get. thriftcriminal mentioned David McWillaims, I think we should all spend our time shutting this negative fecker up instead.

  15. Grandad, I think you’re being a too, too harsh saying that ‘youth today seem to lap it up’. None of the teens or 20 somethings I know (and there are a few crashing at my place each weekend) even watch TV, read newspapers or mags. They aren’t the culprits It’s actually women between 35 and 55 who buy magazines like Who Weekly, New Idea, Women’s Weekly . . these are the mags that pay big bikkies for the paparazzi shots of drunk young things with no knickers on and elevate nobody’s to the level of well .. almost somebody. Celebrity is fed by those who buy this rubbish. In fact two youth magazines here Cleo and Girlfriend have stopped putting these twits on their covers due to their irresponsible antics. Perhaps some European mags should adopt the same idea and the largely ‘ America’ celebrities will fade into oblivion where they belong. (Wow that was serious for so early in the morning!)

  16. Thinking further about Grandad’s post (not having much else to do but think!). The ‘celebrities’ get the coverage not because they are somebodies, but because they are one step up from being anonymous. Seriously rich and famous people, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett (look him up if you haven’t heard of him!), Rupert Murdoch, etc, never appear in the press, because they are too big and powerful, instead we get the non-entities.

  17. I know TomTom. Comment deleted. And I’m going to get a lot more for the post today [‘How to get rid of a bore’].

    Hey ho! The joys of blogging……. *sigh*

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