How to get rid of a bore — 13 Comments

  1. Daz – I had dozens of those after my ‘celebrity’ bit yesterday. I deleted most of them, but I think I’ll leave that one 🙂

  2. We had a bloke like your friend living in our town. Allergic to washing, he was, enough grease to fill deep fat fryer on his hair. Grasses that looked like they had opaque lenses! He walked around like he was Lord of the Manor.

    To cap it all, he almost fell into your mouth when he wanted to say something.

    Yuck! I’m off to take another shower!

  3. There is actually an expression that is used in the area –

    “You have as much chance of that as you have of getting ‘The Match’ to change his shirt”


  4. Why oh why didn’t I read something like this 10 years ago when I could have really used it. I envy you your devious imagination and creative thinking. Beats subscribing to those magazines wrapped in brown paper with titles like “Boy Toy” in your boss’s name and business address by a long shot.

    Carry on, sir…carry on.

  5. You did it again grandad….had me laughing out loud. I really do believe my cohorts think me loony.

    I think we all have met characters such as you described. My nature is to be very kind…and somehow I draw folks like that to my side. I don’t mind though, however…sometimes I would like to do something as evil as you just described.

    Methinks you are a sweetie though…and you really did no such thing.


  6. Kirk M – The old “naughty magazine tucked inside the comic book” trick? 😉

    Laurie – Did you think of gagging yourself before surfing? And thanks for calling me a sweetie and a liar in one sentence!! I’m not sure what to make of that.

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