Feeling the wrath of the gods — 7 Comments

  1. just as well you were back from the hospital and ready for the workmen! – couldn’t you get them to deal with the nose issue at the same time?

    • Good thinking. I could ask them to drill the gunk out of my nostrils? It just depends on them having a bit the right size…..

  2. Bloody hell! You’re all going through it at the moment…

    My best wishes for when things start getting better!

  3. Whatever you do, don’t ask ‘what the hell can happen next?’ you won’t be pleased with the outcome. Best of luck to you Grandad.

  4. There have been a lot of issues with nasal problems post-vaccines, so I hope yours are not from the clot-shots.

    Take care and don’t believe the bastard medics.

    • That had crossed my mind. My theory is that the “vaccine” somehow fucked up my immune system so I’m now suffering all sorts of weird things. Sadly, it can’t apparently be undone.

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