Thoughts on being a quitter — 4 Comments

  1. A long shot. Clove oil reduces toothache. Maybe it works on nose pain.
    They are in the same body area. My only excuse.
    You do not have your troubles to look for.
    As another great Irish man used to say, “May your Gods to with you.”

    • It’s hard to describe. It’s sort of a mixture of headache, sinus pain and a drop of tooth ache. In other words – a fucking face-ache.

      Dave Allen! Sorely missed….

  2. I’ll do that from time to time then I awake one morning and say something out loud that could be construed to be blasphemy or something similar. Then I get up and start a cleaning binge. By the time it’s ended the place is cleaned. No i’m not OCD much. . Anyways I’m always quite knackered afterwards. So i take a nap. All is good then.

    • When I wake in the morning, the last thing on my mind is clutter. The concept of an early morning cleaning binge is way too alien for my thought processes. I usually get to the point where I am tripping over stuff before practicality steps in.

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