A bit of Healthy News — 12 Comments

  1. We’ll be thinking of you both tomorrow. Delighted to get a mention in your rambles : ) Niece-in-Law

    • Welcome SiL’s Daughter. I suppose in Iceland you would be called Silsdóttir?

  2. Wishing you both as comfortable a process and as speedy a recovery as possible.
    News of your safe return to these pages will be more widely welcomed than you may imagine.

  3. Best wishes to you both. Hopefully they will let you out on the day, although it might be worth asking if cavanman can take you there & back. Hopefully Mrs Grandad will be out in a few days. Legiron has recently gone through the kidney stone stuff. All the best.

  4. Best wishes to both of you. I know you must be worried and fwiw I shall say a prayer.
    Hope the weekend brings less stress, more happiness, and a bit of relaxation for you both.

  5. Good luck, Grandad! (And may the last words you hear before oblivion NOT be ‘Which leg was it. nurse?’

    • That’s a point. Who’s looking after Penny? (Unless Grandad’s taken her with him?)

      • Poor Penny has to suffer the solitude of loneliness. I make it up to her, big time, when I get home again. She is really getting the raw end of this deal.

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