Not the Age of Aquarius — 8 Comments

    • Sadly, what was once an amusing expression has now become reality. I fear for the future….

  1. “The Far Right” which nobody can define yet it is apparently behind a lot of the world’s problems.”

    While I don’t consider myself Far Right, I am most assuredly to the right of center. To my way of thinking Far Right seems to be anyone not in complete agreement with something the left has to offer.

    • I find that I appear to be slipping farther and farther ‘Right’ And yet if I do one of those ‘where are you politically?’ things I come out slightly left of center… Well, it’s better to be far-right than totally wrong.

      • I can never work out this “left/right” thing. Originally I thought left meant Socialism – i.e. Labour – while right meant conservative – i.e. well, Conservative. I would class myself as Liberal/Libertarian and have no idea which way I’m steering.

  2. Future historians, given the benefit of distance and hindsight, may well argue that the cultural changes at the start of the millennium arose from the attitudes of the Enlightenment (reason and scepticism of received wisdom) being forsaken and replace by a New Romanticism (a rejection of the precepts of order, calm, harmony, balance, idealization, and rationality).

    So… since astrology is not scientific and not rational the ‘Age of Aquarius’ might be a handy hook for New Romanticism.

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