Pondering assassination — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve pondered assassination *purely as a thought experiment* before. I’ve concluded that even if you could magically remove an ‘evil’ politician or tyrant there’s no guarantee that they wouldn’t be followed by a spasm of chaos as the new person took over – somebody who might even be worse. And that’s assuming the main stream media report the ‘evil’ nature of the tyrant accurately.

    • Assasination only works in a situation where a country seems to be in the thrall of an individual. Hitler was an obvious example in history while now it seems to be Trump, Nuttynyahoo ;or whatever his name is] and Putin. I can’t imagine anyone filling Trump’s shoes but Putin might well have some equally mad ex-KGB type to fill the gap. As for yer man in Israel, a lot of his own are turning against him.

      SO sadly assassination doesn’t seem to have its appeal any more.

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