A blast from the past — 2 Comments

  1. I do so miss some of the regulars on Martinscribblus. Anna Racoon was amazing. I guess though that I most miss Frank Davis. At the same time, I am pleased they were spared the insanity of the last four years.
    Wishing you good health.
    Please do keep writing.

    • Sadly I came to Anna rather late in the day, though Frank was a regular read. I suppose it one of the hazards of being “an elder blogger” [horrible word] that my readers will be of or near my generation so one must come to expect an occasional new gap on the perch. All the Irish seem to have gone over to Instagram and the haunting ground of the so called influencer. One of the reasons I have never joined it.

      Out of force of habit I will probably continue with this until, one day, I will suddenly stop and leave everyone wondering what happened to me.

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