A sort of interlude — 9 Comments

  1. Looks like a clock. I have been (slowly) working on the steam locomotive model for a while now. Some of the parts are very tricky to connect, and there is always the concern that forcing it will snap a vital part.

    • Do I detect a fellow traveler in the strange world of plywood? Where do you get yours, Gunker [if you don’t mind me asking]?

  2. A clock is nearer the answer. Its full name is a Sky Watcher Tourbillon Table Clock. The mainspring and the digital display are contained in the main body while all the gearing and escape mechanism is contained in a sphere at the top which rotates in just about every direction.

  3. An orrery?
    Looks horribly complicated, I have a much simpler ply model dragon that flaps it’s wings, a Christmas present from dear daughter who thinks old blokes in their 70s should stick to simple non-physically stressful activities. It’s still in the box waiting for enthusiasm.

    • I really am not sure what happens when it runs apart from the fact that everything seem to rotate in three dimensions. Yes, it is complicated but if the detailed instructions are followed very carefully then all you really need is patience. It is quite fascinating watching a few sheets of plywood gradually grow into something that actually does something. I have a fascination with clocks which is why I chose to try that one.

      Is your the Windstorm Dragon? Heh!

      • Oddly enough yes, I do have a Windstorm one, although the one I had in mind was another simpler one by Tinberkits (I think)

  4. Do not trust it.
    When the countdown display reaches 00:00 who knows what disaster will strike.
    The World will have reached peak stupidity. Etc.

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