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  1. Spring forward, fall back. It’s spring so the clocks went forward which means you lose an hour. The day they move is only 23 hours long. It goes 0000 to 0100 then at 0100 it goes forward and becomes 0200 then it runs to 2359.

    It’s in the autumn when they go back that you gain that lost hour and that day has 25 hours in it. It goes 0000 to 0200 then at 0200 it falls back to 0100. So we get the extra hour then which then runs to 2359 giving 25 hours.

    All my clocks, except for the one in the car which ironically checks and adjusts everything else but the clock set themselves. I don’t even notice the clocks moving back and forward unless someone mentions it. I would guess most people don’t even notice.

    • Damnit! I always get that wrong. It’s no wonder I couldn’t find that hour. So basically they have borrowed an hour and will pay it back next October? Do I get interest on the loan?

      The only clock I have a problem with is my own wristwatch. Luckily I have a file stored which gives complicated instruction on how to reset it. Normally I forget to do the car, but that’s all right because I never bothered resetting it last October [I forgot]. It now tells the right time again.

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