Bad Friday — 4 Comments

  1. I know what you mean. My old mutt is on his last legs and we wake up every morning to see a tsunami of shit and piss on the kitchen floor.
    And I know how he feels because my low-level Crohns has flared up this week and I’ve lost 8lbs through not drinking 5,000 calaories of beer and shitting through the eye of a needle. Knowing that some daft cunts pay thousands of pounds for semaglutide to achieve exactly the same result by shitting themselves stupid is the only thing that’s cheerd me up.
    Today I threw everything I had at it in large doses. Anti-inflammatory, mesalazine and esomerasole and fingers crossed/arse-cork unplugged it seems to be working with not a single number two since the early clear-out.
    But I can guarantee the fucker will wait until my head hits the pillow tonight and start churning up my inflamed colon.
    I also threw some anti-biotics into the dog to see if that would do anything.I’ll let you know.

    • You’d get on well with Penny. The weird thing was that she just lay there without a care in the world while the crap literally poured out of her. I honestly don’t think she realised what was happening and just looked surprised when I freaked.

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