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  1. The Scottish case is potentially humorous. For example, ahead of this ridiculous law they omitted to build enough prisons to accommodate the 90% of the Scottish population who will happily express their basic, genetic, visceral hatred of the English every single day – a level only exceeded by their even greater hatred of English Tories.

    The only solution will be to define the whole of that desperate land as an ‘open prison’, securing its southern border by rebuilding Hadrian’s Wall. It worked for Australia a few centuries ago, albeit that Australia was granted a generally better climate, more interesting wildlife and a superior intellectual standard of inmate.

    Within the new Caledonian Clink, they will need to provide defined areas to separate Celtic and Rangers fans, along with Catholics and Protestants (same thing really) to limit violence to the level of a normal Friday night in Glasgow. Prison catering will be simple, the only equipment required being a large deep-fryer and a warehouse full of popular chocolate bars. Vats of cheap whisky, Bucky and Irn Bru will satisfy all requirements for hydration.

    One major benefit will be to prevent any Scots from emigrating and introducing their weird cultural pollution to innocent nations elsewhere, so overall this Hate Law may have some attractions after all. . . . .

    • You realise you have managed to offend the entire Scots genre with just a few sentences? I suppose I am guilty too by virtue of not redacting your comment. Fuckit. I doubt I’ll ever go there anyway.

  2. I think it’s all a load of bollocks!

    Oh sod it, I said bollocks…oh bugger I said sod it, oh bloody hell I’ve said far too much already and upset just about everyone who isn’t ‘Normal’…

  3. Grandad, as any fule kno, these sorts of laws are put there only as a stick to beat the “pesky” proles if they get a bit uppity.

    Hate laws don’t affect ordinary folks, they are only there to Crack Down on those who might start being a problem to our betters. Problematic proles who start to get a bit political and gain large social meeja followings or write popular blogs. They are the ones who’ll get the police sent round “to check their thinking”.

    So you are quite safe (for now…)

      • You’re welcome !

        But who wants to be “popular”? You’re not wanting to be pandering to the lowest common denominator, Shirley?

        (or to be like that girl at school who suddenly left in mysterious circumstances?)

        PS: Oooh – the “click to edit” thingy is back. So I’ve clicked AND edited 🙂

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