Yet another mRNA conspiracy — 12 Comments

  1. I have the same issue two or three times a year. When it gets to the point where I can’t touch my nose without it pitching a mini fit my wife is kind enough to go exploring in the cavern and it turns out to be an ingrown hair. easily removed with tweezers.

    • I did think of that but having painfully plucked out all nostril hairs I decided it wasn’t that, Anyway that wouldn’t explain the transition form one nostril to the other?

  2. My hooter has been doing a similar song and dance since January, and it reminds me of the days when as an adolescent, those really nasty septic spots used to be the bane of my life!

    It seems to be going now, with a bit of vaseline or Savlon poked up each side, but it’s all a new one on me, and as I was vaxxed, you may have uncovered yet another side-effect!

    Another side-effect is being totally pissed off with Sunak.

    • My theory is that the vaccine just fucks up the body’s own defenses so any kind of infection is going to run rampant, I have never had an infection like this before….

  3. Every medication is, in effect, a foreign substance being introduced into the body, so it’s hardly surprising that the body’s sophisticated defence mechanisms may object. Most medication is subjected to prolonged and wide-ranging tests before being used. Most medication does indeed have side-effects, but a value-judgement is taken that these negatives are far outweighed by their therapeutic benefits.

    The various Covid jabs, launched in something of an irrational panic, had none of that luxury, so a considerable amount of trust and crossed-fingers or blind faith applied.

    In time, we must hope that irrefutable evidence will emerge either to clear those jabs of any significant damage to their recipients or to confirm the range and severity of any side-effects. Those who expect the latter result are currently considered to be conspiracy theorists.

    • The drug companies insisted on signing an indemnification before supplying the vaccine. That in itself was a huge warning sign. They knew damn well that there could be problems and were just covering themselves against a class action. Maybe all victims should get together and bring a class action against their governments and health departments?

  4. Take a look at colloidal silver spray & colloidal silver in general. It sounds like you have a recurring bacterial infection & yes some of the COVID jabs have knackered people’s immune systems.

  5. I had 12 years of remission from cancer then it came and developed very quickly. Only option was immunotherapy which I declined due to the often terrible side effects at my age so it is now considered terminal. I only had the AZ vaccinations and it was a year later the cancer returned. By then I refused the mRNA jabs as I became suspicious about it, I considered it bad luck but now I wonder, there are so many cases of unexpected illness and death especially in young people who knows what’s going on.
    Incidentally I have stopped getting notifications of a new post again.

    • There is a growing body of evidence [based on fact, not theory] that there are indeed serious side effects. they seem to vary widely but all seem to point to the same cause – a disruption of the body’s natural defenses. So much for their miracle fix!

      • Should anyone have expected any different? Compared to any other new drug introduced to the market this was done at light speed. Along with all the proper “we are not responsible for any unexpected side effects here folks.

        I wonder how many of those drug execs lined up for the jab.

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