It’s Chicken Little time — 5 Comments

  1. Surveys are very much influenced by the phrasing of the question asked.

    Am I worried about climate change? Yes but only because of the taxes, costs and inconveniences it is bringing: its actual effects will probably be minor.

    Half the people use gas or electricity for home heating so it is not that they want peat, coal or oil banned but that they don’t care if they are.

    • Q1. Are you worried about climate catastrophe a) a little, b) a lot, c) you’re shitting yourself.

      Q2. If electricity was free would you be in favour of banning oil, turf and coal?

  2. Word of this better not get out.

    The next headline will be…

    “According to the latest survey 100% of those surveyed are worried about climate change!”

  3. We haven’t heard about acid rain lately, incidentally, what do acid rain and monkeys have in common? They both fuckup trees. Sorry about that, it’s the best I can do, I am a brain transplant donor. Keep up the good work Grand-dad, always an enjoyable read.

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