February 29th — 6 Comments

  1. Re Christmas – your modest proposal.
    Do the same with all elections. Then the wankers will not be able swing the employment, economy, health, and the rest, statistics on run up. And we would be spared all the media waffle.

    • Excellent idea! Programme a computer to randomly select Christmas and elections dates. No one would access these selected dates until the computer announces a three day warning.

  2. This leap year thing always takes me by surprise. This morning my watch was insisting that it was the 29th. Now I know good and well that February has only 28 days…unless this is a leap year, damn!

    I’m all for doing away with this leap year crap. Now, I know there would be consequences to this. At my age I will be long gone by the time it snows in July and August.

    (Take that Gretta.)

    • Actually there wouldn’t be any progression of the seasons. The Winter Solstice would always announce the start, and if that meant adding or subtracting a day from the old year then the problem is solved.

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