Poking the dragon — 9 Comments

  1. You never know, you might get lucky and get two sets of windows, keep the spares for any catastrophe 🙂

    • Either that or they won’t fit. They’ll probably discover they are the wrong size after they have removed the old ones so I’ll have to live with massive holes in the walls while they manufacture another set.

  2. They do talk to each other, but only to set up schedules. These schedules will be impossible for all parties involved to keep. They are all ok with this because a couple of them will be on vacation for the entire month, and those that did not make vacation plans can now do so.

    • You are inspired! They just phoned me to say they are all set but wouldn’t be out tomorrow because some safety certificate or other hadn’t been signed. And the person who signs the certificate is on holidays or something. Fucking bureaucracy!

  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of bureaucracy, Granddad. Anyway, what’s an ole codger, like yourself, doing with a phone? What happened to good old semaphore? Served me well when I was in the sea cadets, 55 years ago. Wibble- today, I’m 68! Arse.

    • No one around here can read semaphore any more. Our education system is sadly lacking these days. They don’t teach Morse any more either.

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