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  1. “there is nothing wrong with my sight st the moment”

    Hmmm…I see what you did there.

    We had Smart meters installed at the last house we were in. According to the utility company our rates would go down by a bit as they didn’t need to read meters. I called them when our statement increased and was told the rates would drop when the new meters were paid for. Rates never did drop so I can only assume that they were damned expensive meters.

    • Bugger! Usually when I bang something out on the keyboard I have to read it after four or five times correcting all the typing errors. There is usually one in every five or six words and it’s very easy to miss one. Even after publishing I will usually find more.

      Apparently I’m getting the meter installed next Monday. I have been assured that it won’t affect the plan I am on. I can only wait and see.

      P.S. Just had to fix a typo in this!

      • If it is of any consolation this is the reason I inquired about the timed edit feature a few days ago.
        Getting on in years is the absolute shits!

  2. I’m bloody glad we had a smart meter installed, as the old one was so decrepit, all the Economy 7 readings were way out of kilter, so we were paying hugely for items we thought were cheaper as they were supposed to be charged at the night rate – and they weren’t!

    To add insult to injury, the previous supplier wanted to charge a hundred quid to ‘check the meter’, and if it was OK, we’d lose that cash, otherwise, we’d get some sort of refund, but no specific amount was mentioned!

    We told them to sod off and switched suppliers!

  3. “smart meter” aka “means for remote-control disconnection of granny” (or Grandad).

    Very useful for the utility company, not so much for granny…

    • But if ‘granny’ fills her car up at BP, they require payment for what they’ve provided, even before she uses it to travel. When ‘granny’ goes shopping to Tesco, she has to pay for her shopping even before she gets it home. If she doesn’t pay, she won’t get either fuel or shopping. Same goes for her weekly blue-rinse or her night at the bingo.
      So why should a utility company, which has provided the goods in advance on trust, be any different? They deserve paying, just like any other supplier. And if they don’t get paid, why should they continue to extend credit to a proven bad-debt customer? Hence the smart disconnection option.

      • All true, but if generation capacity cannot cope with the load – mid-winter, no sun, no wind, or plant failure – one may be disconnected remotely without warning.

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