On the level — 11 Comments

  1. In well over half century things settle a bit (maybe even several bits).
    You may have to settle for perfection and just drop the pure part.

  2. It’s the Warble Gloaming. The Earth has warmed, therefore expanded and the tectonics has altered the distribution of masses (strictly secular y’know) therefore the gravity under your house.
    Can I get a grant, pretty please because I found a new bad effect of the Warble Glozming © Grampa.

  3. Be thankful – If it was perfectly level you’d now be sitting in a great big puddle of piss!

  4. I got a new kitchen put into my mum’s house back in the summer and thought quarry tiles would be nice for the floor. Something I thought would be done quickly took days and days because the builder used a spirit level to ensure every tile was absolute flat. There was an inordinate amount of the tiling cement used for the kitchen floor of a house where nothing else is straight.

    • Keep that man’s phone number somewhere safe, there’s a man who looked around and rather than “it’ll do sure the rest of it’s crooked ” said “Feck it, well my bit will be right anyway ”. A very rare quality these days.

  5. The house we live in was built after a V1 bomb flattened the old place, so ‘The Turrets’ was built in the early fifties, roughly on the same site.

    The whole central area settled by about half an inch, probably as soon as it was built, so when we moved in 35 years ago, none of the doors fitted, the decs were hideous, (the original battleship grey etc.), the stairs were wonky and there were cracks around every ceiling! In fact, there’s hardly a level surface or vertical section anywhere!

    New building materials were quite scarce then, so there’s a lot of second-hand timber in the roof, which is pretty sparse, but luckily, it all still seems to work…

    • Wonky walls add character, though they are a right bitch to wallpaper. I actually like them. One of my favourite hotels is an ancient building and all the floors are off kilter which means staggering everywhere even when sober.

  6. A lot of comments blaming subsidence? Dad, when he was designing, specified foundations for a two floor building which only has one floor. The old house was built of granite on granite a couple of hundred years ago. There isn’t a single sign of subsidence anywhere in the old or new!

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