Driving Miss Crazy — 7 Comments

  1. And what will the cost of this annual test be? It seems that everything is about a boost in revenue these days.

    • The current test costs €85 [about £75] a pop, assuming you get to the top of a long waiting list. Needless to say, this gimmick is not going to speed up the process!

  2. I am in the process of renewing my licence as my current one expires on my 86th birthday.I have been checked and given a medical certificate by a doctor that shows I am still alive and in full control of my mental faculties. I resent the implication by people who should know better, that getting old automatically means dementia always follows.I was offered a refresher driving course some time ago but refused as I have experience in driving almost everything but a tracked vehicle. I had more experience that the person leading the course.I am fully aware that I am nearing the end of my life and am not going to shorten the odds by doing anything stupid whilst behind a steering wheel.

  3. No, not Joking – Grifting 🙂

    Think of all the luverly money, grants, handouts, fees from the victims elderly drivers that the European Transport Safety Council folks can milk out of this. And New Jobs – “Elderly Driver Assessor” and the training and annual registration fees that they will have to pay. What’s not to like?

  4. In Spain after 70 we have to get tested every five years. In my case, as I had an operation on my eyes, (cataract surgery) I can only get a three year renewal! I asked about the logic behind the reasoning and got the Little England reply, “The computer says no”.

  5. The insurance companies must have the data. Ask them at what age do old people have the same accident rate as those who have just passed the test. Test people who are older than that.
    Or maybe decide that it’s hardly worth testing the handful of 90+ year olds who are still driving.

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