Invisible progress — 6 Comments

  1. Don’t be disappointed grandad. Just pretend Covid has broken out again and in the best interest of the community you are isolating yourself. (More than usual anyway.)

    I will be perusing the Peterson site to look at pipes I can’t afford. I do feel that I have a duty to help keep the world economy moving.

      • There used to be a shop in Lower Regent Street, London, which regularly had a huge sale of reject pipes, all chucked on a huge table, for customers to inspect, peruse and buy for just a few quid.

        I bought a fabulous ‘Billiard’ one year, which had a pretty-well straight grain up the bowl! The stem failed after a couple of years, and so I drilled out the bit where it meets the briar, and plonked in the nylon stem from an old Falcon!

        It lasted for many more years, and I still have a photo of it while I’m holding our eldest back in 1975…

        • I used to come by those here on occasion. Sadly, like many places anymore actual pipe and tobacco shops are nearly impossible to find here.

      • I dropped in over at Elie’s place for a quick look and decided to pass. The cost didn’t put me off as it looks as if there is a ton of work that goes into production. But, when it comes to shapes and design, I am a tad more traditional in my preferences.

  2. ‘Why is heavy plant always yellow?’, because on a work site any other colour would be camouflage!

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