On getting the hump — 6 Comments

  1. Kent County Council are experts when it comes to hump design!

    They make sure that their numerous potholes remain in place for anything up to a year, and when the road is eventually repaired, the drain covers are about an inch and a half below the surface, which is ideal for smashing bicycle wheels…

  2. KCC, as Scrobs says, have similar vile designs – a hump near me has been scraped so many times it’s been repaired yet again, with hard stone facings to ensure maximum damage to cars going over 5mph. No claim for damage is ever paid.

  3. Councils are sued all the time and many win. Best go for a no win no fee lawyer if you can get one. Focus on the main one and get others to join in for a bigger payout.

    As far as the ramps are concerned. It is like everything else people, like you, are OK with them because it sorts out the twats but you don’t realise that you are still a twat to them. They add more and more and now it inconveniences you. This is they way they do it.

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