The invasion is on — 5 Comments

  1. Decant your sugar into Tupperware boxes perhaps?

    I had mice in the attic and normal bait didn’t seem to work. But chunks of laxative chocolate did. Apparently they excrete themselves to death. Unkind I know, but it stopped them nibbling the pipe insulation.

    • I have a small collection of plastic jars which I keep just in case. An invasion just means I have to go to the bother of decanting bags into jars which isn’t a problem.

      The best bait by far I have discovered is peanut butter. It’s easy to apply to the trap and lasts for ages.

    • I hadn’t thought of that. Though they seem to prefer single sneak attacks rather than a massed charge.

  2. I had a mice infestation a couple of years ago. they were living in the loft eating all my books the b4$t4rds. I found they got used to the mouse traps and ignored them because they obviously learnt they were death. Glue pads were much better. Once I started using them things went much faster.

    Only downside was I did my knees in crawling about the loft and it has taken over two years for my knees to get back to normal.

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