A Pilgrim’s Progress — 2 Comments

  1. Is that Ice Celt a good smoke – it looks it?

    I’ve never seen one like it, but being a desperate Falcon man many years ago, I was probably a Pariah where style was required!

    I did have a ‘The Pipe’ as well, which was made of plastic and had a graphite inner bowl. It was quite a good puff, but you never had the wood, as there wasn’t any!

    • It’s a beauty. It’s a little on the heavy side [but I expected that] but gives a lovely cool dry smoke.

      Elie has his own design for his metals which he calls his EKS System. Basically the smoke has to travel in a sort of spiral up the stem which nicely removes heat and condenses any gunk. Any trapped liquid can just be poured out by either unscrewing the end or removing the mouthpiece which is a push-fit. All my regular smokes now have this system as I have been buying from Elie for years. When it comes to making pipes, he’s a genius and a true artist.

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