Patronising old gits — 7 Comments

  1. I tend to be a crabby old fart at times (I’m 71), and I very much appreciate your version of the serenity prayer in the top banner. Keep it up grandad, you are an inspiration.

  2. Heh, I’ve been grumpy all my life. Grumpy since I was born so I’m an old hand at grumpyosity.

    Oh, wait. You didn’t post about being grumpy. My mistake. Guess I’m becoming delusional on top of everything else?

    All that aside just remember:

    Inside every old guy is a young guy wondering what the hell happened.

    • There are certainly times when I wonder where all the years went leaving me in this state. I doubt I would do it all again though. Too much bother…

  3. Sometimes when I see a handsome middle aged lady I feel younger.
    Sometimes I spot an old, ancient, man, and then realise with sadness that I have been looking in an unexpected mirror.
    When I read your headline I was wondering if the word patronising would be a verb or an adjective. Subtle difference.

    • Believe it, or believe it not, I mulled over a few titles and chose that one simply because it is ambiguous. It appealed to my quirky side.

  4. Doesn’t this represent another example of physical self-identification? It’s like some bloke insisting he is female, except in this case it’s some ancient person insisting they are actually young. In either case the brain and emotions may sometimes feel that way (mine do regarding my advancing age) but in terms of physical reality it’s nonsense.

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