Happy Birthday and all that — 10 Comments

  1. A very happy birthday to headrmbles, long may it continue. After 3 weeks of constantly kicking Mac OS your emails are (at least mostly) arriving in my inbox instead of the spam folder.A vague success of sorts.

  2. I am glad you started and even gladder you persevere.
    It is good to get an insight into someone else’s life, society, nation presented in an unbiased way, or at least straight forwardly and honestly biased.
    And I especially like the little “Irishisms” that you throw in. Take me back to when I was a wee cub.
    Has anyone compiled a dictionary of such gems. Otherwise they will fade away, lost in a desert of pc mid Atlantic keigh.
    I have just found out that “gladder” is not a proper word. Well, there ye go.

  3. Congratulations on your site’s longevity and my hope is that Penny will only piss and shit outdoors from now on!

  4. It’s a great pastime, this blogging, and as a fairly recent arrival to your sainted lines, you deserve congratulations for perseverance and also a lot of laughs and interest!

    One post every day or so is beyond me, but luckily I can find enough drivel to fill about four or five a month…

  5. Well, Happy Birthday Head Rambles! I remember when you wrote the “10 years old” post. Hell, I almost recall when I first left a comment on Head Rambles but unfortunately the memory ain’t what it used to be.

    • October 2007. Almost a year after I started. You have been around almost long enough to earn a loyalty card.

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