A clean sweep — 4 Comments

  1. I had problems with nesting, and then two years ago, one fell down the chimney and got stuck. Needless to say, no tradesman in England can be bothered with such a small job, so it took ages to get her free. Next day I bought a wrought-iron grille in she shape of a conical witches hat and fitted it to the chimney pot. The chimney still works fine but the birds (jackdaws for me) can’t get through to build anything. Even better, because of that cone shape, it’s uncomfortable for them to perch on it for any length of time, so since I fitted it, they’ve tended to go elsewhere. Cost me about £30.
    Now I just have to face the wrath of a witch with no hat, but there’s no such thing as a free lunch!

    • Indeed I intend to get a “witches hat” as a permanent fix. It means I won’t be able to sweep the chimney again but we rarely use that fire. The only problem is getting it up onto the pot. That’s a problem for another day.

  2. You need the “pig’s willie” attachment for the rods to hook the sticks out. Then a cap for the flue to stop the buggers doing it again – preferably a good grade stainless steel as the ordinary ones rot away in a couple of years. Also, if you have good access to the chimney from a flat roof it is much easier to sweep the chimney from top to bottom than bottom up (once stick free).

    • Sadly my only access to the chimney is to shin up a 45 degree edging to the slates and then, straddling the ridge, I have to inch my way across to the pot. I have done it in the past [there’s a lovely view from up there] but that was about fifty years ago.

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