Picture me thus — 6 Comments

  1. I think what he really meant was that he watched you having a timely doze, as per your last post. 🙂

    Perhaps he is an insomniac, and was just a bit jealous?

  2. Been getting those daily for about two years now. If I’d really been wanking like that, I’d be a shrivelled husk by now!

    Just the latest version of scams from Nigeria, I guess.

    I get around twenty a day claiming I have undelivered parcels as well. Maybe vitamins and protein to keep up with all the wanking!

    It does make you wonder, however, just how thick the senders are. Do they think ‘I’ll just send ten more today to everyone on my mailing list. That’ll make me seem more believable?’

  3. Yes, I had a couple of those, not the numbers mentioned here, but the scammers did have an old password, so it was easy to change that!

    What made me laugh, was that the idiot wanted the ‘money’ in something called ‘bitcoin’, which is certainly an item I’d never heard of, until I did a quick search, and am still none the wiser…

    There’s one born every minute, but I was actually scammed – ‘legally’ so my bank said – on the DVLA website, where I thought I was re-taxing my car, but after a few days, found that it was another identical site dressed up as the DVLA!! I did complain and got my money back, but that really was a it of a bummer for a while!

  4. People must be paying or they wouldn’t bother.

    EMail is cheap. Pennies for thousand of emails. Even if just one payment in 100,000 is profit when you send out 2 million you have a business.

    When I take over the universe, I’m slightly behind schedule, I will track these people down and fine then £1 per email and 1 day in jail per email. For every £ then don’t pay they get another day in jail. That would stop it.

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